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world war ii personal accounts
Share some of the experiences of the Coast Surveyors and Weather men and women. Hellships, Battle of the Bulge, Bombing Tokyo, artillery survey work in Africa and Europe, and women on the homefront filling in for the men in the frontlines. These were some of the experiences of the men and women of the Weather Bureau and Coast and Geodetic Survey during the Second World War....

charles schanck

A Letter from the Front
A biographical sketch of RADM Charles A. Schanck designed around a letter that he wrote from Europe in February 1945 to the Director of the Coast and Geodetic Survey. Schanck was then an Artillery surveyor and had worked through the Battle of the Bulge.

Lt. David Mullendore Whipp

Letters of Captain David Mullendore Whipp

Letters written by David Whipp to his wife during the course of his duties in North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany. He was unique in that his war experiences ranged from the North African landings through the final mopping up of German resistance on the Gironde estuary.

george morris
Command George Edward "Ted" Morris, Jr. Ret. U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey - Personal Account
Commander Morris was captured by the Japanese on Corregidor when it fell on May 9, 1941, and was held as a prisoner of war in the Philippines, at Mojii, Japan, and Inchon, Korea.
b29 on bombing raid
Letters from Saipan
Experiences of a young B-29 pilot, Lt. F.H. “Pete” Reed, during two missions over Tokyo.

Pathfinder: Recollections of Those Who Served 1942 - 1971

These are the stories of some of those who served on the PATHFINDER during the war and in the years following.


Return of the Ship EXPLORER Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor

This is an account by an C&GS officer that details the actions taken and observations made by an unarmed C&GS ship in returning from operations in the central Pacific Ocean following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

picture of women working on charts
Women in the Weather Bureau During World War II
Personal views of women who served in the Weather Service during World War II.
bomber flying over casper wyoming base where dorothy taylor worked.
Girl Observer
Biographic sketch of Miss Dorothy L. Taylor, World War II weather observer.

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