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Those that gave their lives for their country during World War II.

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World War II Medal Citations and Letters of Commendation

the world wars
picture of women using meteorological equipment circa 1940'sThe Coast and Geodetic Survey and the Weather Bureau answered the call to arms during both the First World War and the Second World War. The field officers of the Survey were converted to commissioned status by virtue of a law that allowed them to be transferred directly into the branches of the Armed Services. Over half of them were transferred directly into the Armed Forces during both conflicts. The civilian weather observers, laborers, meteorologists, cartographers, scientists and administrators of both the Weather Bureau and Coast and Geodetic Survey alike signed up in droves to fight the enemies of the United States. Over 1100 personnel of the Coast and Geodetic Survey and 700 members of the Weather Service voluntarily joined the fighting forces of the United States during the Second World War. Both organizations contributed greatly to the final victories – the Coast and Geodetic Survey through its maps, charts, field survey, and intelligence gathering and the Weather Service through world-wide weather forecasts, climate studies, and special weather products to help plan the movements of men, ships and aircraft.

Below are some of the amazing stories of the men and women who served our Nation in these times of crisis….

world war I poster us navy
World War I Military Records of Coast & Geodetic Survey Personnel
Records of World War I service of Coast and Geodetic Survey service personnel were compiled in the offices of the Coast and Geodetic Survey in the years following the war.
american legion plaque
Founder of American Legion
Ernest Lester Jones and the founding of the American Legion....
picture of women working circa 1945
World War II Personal Accounts
Share some of the experiences of the Coast Surveyors and Weather men and women.
picture of women working on charts
World War II Technology Tales
A famous ship, weather, and a long-lost submarine....

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