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arrow Stories and Tales of the Coast & Geodetic Survey

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There was a frontier that has been forgotten ... the frontier of the outer coast - the rocky western coast of ferocious storms, wild mountains tumbling down to the sea, and the occasional encounter with native Americans. This was the frontier of the Coast Surveyors as they first made their way into the uncharted waters of our Pacific shores. Join George Davidson, James Lawson, and William P. McArthur as they make their way to our western shores and western mountains. Share their adventures as they help make our western coast safe for the ships and commerce of the world ....

picture of james lawson
Autobiography of James S. Lawson
Lawson's Autobiography covers the trip west with George Davidson via the Isthmus of Panama at the height of gold fever, Indian encounters on the Northwest Coast, and adventure at sea.

john muir
Mt. Shasta: Report of John Muir
Letter from John Muir to A.F. Rodgers, Asst. U.S.C.S describing his accent of Mt. Shasta on the 30th of April, 1875.
picture of benjamin colonna
Nine Days on the Summit of Mt. Shasta
A classic work written by Assistant Benjamin A. Colonna of his 1878 triangulation observations from the peak of 14,162 foot Mount Shasta.
artists rendition of the mutiny
Mutiny on the EWING
On the night of September 13, 1849, occurred a mutiny on the gig of the U.S. survey schooner EWING. The five mutineers were later captured and hanged.
contour map of georges bank
Pacific Coast Survey of 1849 and 1850
Details of the life of Lieut. Commander McArthur and the work he carried on on the Pacific Coast.

man with  current meter - alaska 1920's
The Coast Survey on the Pacific Coast
T. J. Maher outlines the Coast Survey work accomplished on the West Coast from the mid 1800's to the 1920's.

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