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A Nation at War

Since the time of the Civil War, NOAA ancestor agencies have provided their expertise in support of our armed services. The Armed Forces require maps, charts, weather forecasts, surveyors, oceanographers, and navigators to plan operations, transport men and materiel, and help put ordnance on target. The men and women of NOAA’s ancestor agencies have provided much of that vital information to the Armed Services, sometimes from the homefront but oftentimes in the frontlines sharing the hardships and dangers of America’s soldiers, sailors, and marines. The following recall some of their experiences and sacrifices.
collage with photos from world war 2 and the civil war
banner - Civil War
canons at antietam, maryland photo by j.ward
Civil War Accounts
Join the Coast Surveyors in the Peninsula campaign, at
Chattanooga, on the Mississippi, and on the Blockading Squadrons ….
the world wars
aircraft dropping bombs
The World Wars
Join the Coast and Geodetic Survey and the Weather Bureau in these greatest of conflicts of the Twentieth Century….

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