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Surveying and mapping in the Coast and Geodetic Survey encompassed seafloor, shoreline, mountain-tops and plains. And for good measure, they also had to keep track of tides and currents that changed the apparent location of shorelines every few hours as well as making some ship passages safe at high tides and dangerous at low tides.

1880's man on horse measuring mileage with wheel
Geodetic Surveys in the United States
Geodetic Surveys 1807 - 1940
Geodetic Surveys 1940 - 1990
picture of fathomer
The Coast and Geodetic Survey Annual Reports 1844 - 1910 Bibliography
picture of nicholas heck
The Start of the Acoustic Work of the Coast and Geodetic Survey
Captain Nicholas Heck recounts the beginnings of acoustic depth sounding work and radio acoustic ranging navigation.

acoustic chart
Radio Acoustic Ranging
Radio-Acoustic-Ranging (RAR) navigation was developed within the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey.
egyptian ship
Sounding Pole to Sea Beam
Man's ability to determine the character of the seafloor has been evolving for over 3500 years.
picture of ship doing wiredrag work
Reminiscences of Wire Drag Work
Captain Nicholas Heck describes early wire drag work.

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