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Stories and tales of the coast and geodetic survey - technology tales
Share the eerie stories of how the Coast and Geodetic Survey found a downed aircraft off the Massachusetts coast in the early 1930's and compare it to how NOAA found the plane of the son of a President within a 100 miles of the earlier aircraft 2/3 of a century later. See how the Coast and Geodetic Survey built an engineering wonder, over one million interconnected points spanning our land, that serves as the basis for great engineering works, property lines, and determining the shape of the Earth. Sometimes the story is in the technology itself....
diagram showing wire drag

Long Island Sound Mystery Solved by Wire Drag Party

Details the serendipitous discovery in 1930 of a small oil tanker only a week after its disappearance by a C&GS wire drag crew.

picture of ship doing wiredrag work

Reminiscences of Wire Drag Work
Captain Nicholas Heck remembers early wire drag work.

map of great salt lake
Search for Lost Plane, Great Salt Lake, Utah
A unique wire drag assignment in a harsh environment. Learn how the Coast and Geodetic Survey discovered an airplane that went down in the Great Salt Lake in 1935.

picture of the noaa ship rude

Tragic Sea Searches

The accounts of two searches for aircraft that crashed 100 miles and over 65 years apart.

•1932 Wire Drag for Downed Aircraft
•1999 Search for J.F.K Jr's Aircraft

picture of harris b. stewart

Scuba Diving Investigations

Diving experiences during the Indian Ocean Expedition of 1964.

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