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Stories and tales of the weather service storm tales

We strive to live in a world protected from the more dangerous effects of our environment. We build huge apartment and office buildings with central heating and air-conditioning, huge ships and aircraft that transport people and goods across the far reaches of sea and sky, and land transportation networks that are designed to fend off the wrath of wind, rain, and snow. However, humankind remains, now and into the foreseeable future, subject to the vagaries of weather in our every-day lives, commerce, and military operations. Tornado, hurricane, flood, drought, and weather-caused fire afflict us with distressing regularity. Yet, if we were able to totally insulate ourselves from these affects, we would lose some of our humanity. There is something about feeling the wind and rain in our face, tramping through the snow on a frosty morning, and having an abiding respect for the forces of nature that adds to the human spirit. Join us as we tell tales of some of the most powerful of meteorological phenomena and the men and women who observe and study them....

houses destroyed in galveston hurricane 1900
The Galveston Hurricane of 1900
Join meteorologist Isaac Cline as he describes his experiences during the worst disaster to ever befall the United States.
man observing hurricane driven storm surge
The 1943 "Surprise" Hurricane
Another Galveston-Houston hurricane. Includes an account of the first intentional flight into a hurricane.
house and storm surge during hurricane
My Battle With Audrey
A Young Coast Surveyor's wife provides a graphic first-hand description of Hurricane Audrey's destruction.
aircraft used in project
The Thunderstorm Project
A memoir of the first large-scale atmospheric study by Roscoe R. Braham Jr..

tornado picture
Tornadoes by John P. Finley M.S., F.S.Sc.
A classic 1887 work by the Grandaddy of all storm chasers.
torndado picture
Seeing the Inside of a Tornado
A 1928 encounter with a twister.
waterspout picture
Sinbad's Genie and the Mary Celeste
Speculation on what happened to the mystery disapearance of the Mary Celeste crew.

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