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women in the weather bureau during world war 2

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Personal View of Evelyn Bough Baird

I worked for the Weather Bureau in 1943 until April 1944 - employed at Gore Field, Great Falls, Montana. I was a high school graduate and had been a bookkeeper and secretary for a Ford dealer and Farmers Union Oil in Havre, Montana. My training at the Weather Bureau was "on the job" - all employees and supervisors were very helpful and congenial.

I released the weather balloons with candles attached and charted the route of the balloon. Also released the radiosonde balloon. I usually worked "swing" and "midnight shifts for eight hours - 40 hours a week. Morale was very good.

I met my husband at work. He was in the military assigned to the Flight Service Center which was housed in the rooms next to the Weather Bureau. We were married on February 3, 1944. I left the Bureau on April 14, 1944 as I was pregnant and wasn't feeling very well in the mornings! There were four or five women and three or four men that I remember working at the Weather Bureau at Gore Field at that time.

I enjoyed the work and the adventure of leaving my home town during the war.

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