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women in the weather bureau during world war 2

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The publication of this document would not have been possible without the support of Dr. Elbert W. Friday and Robert C. Landis. Their confidence is greatly appreciated. Work on this project represented the cooperation between the Western and Southern Regions of the National Weather Service. The authors are grateful to Tom Potter, Harry Hassel, Bill Proenza, and Richard Hutcheon for their support.

Many people made this document possible. They helped locate persons who were employed by the Weather Bureau during World War II, and in some cases, have assisted with the interviews. We extend our thanks to them for the much appreciated help.

  • Ron Alberty
  • Barbara Brown
  • Dorothy Chambers
  • John T. Curran
  • Pete Eitel
  • Kathryn Gray
  • Grace Harding
  • Mildred Laitner
  • Charles E. Moshier
  • Maud Ogilvie
  • Tom Swift
  • Carol Jean Anderson
  • Dave Brown
  • Mary Alice Chilcott
  • Virginia Denmark
  • Bud Graves
  • Mary Haas
  • Ron Imes
  • George Miller
  • Jim Myers
  • James Ripps

We also appreciate the referrals and special help provided by the following people:

  • Shirley Buhmann
  • Bob Glodo
  • Betty Reo
  • Ken Comba
  • Alice Kelleher
  • Kathleen Troy

Finally, but definitely not least, the authors would like to thank Lorina Mortensen for many hours of work. With her special interest in this project, Lorina took particular care to personally record all of the histories into the computer. Her careful attention to details and meticulous follow-through are manifested in the results.

Our apologies if we have omitted the names of anyone who provided help.


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