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banner - women in the weather bureau during world war 2

  poster - we did it - women in the weather service during world war 2 by Janet Ward
The Weather Bureau During World War II

Personal Views
Hope N. Anderson
Roy L. Anderson
Evelyn Bough Baird
Irene Gehrt Brodie
Shirley E. Kodalen Buhmann
Anita Corley Caskey
Dorothy Hurd Chambers
Eileen T. Leonard Delaurentis
Anna Mae Deming
Virginia Tredinnick Denmark
G. Fay Dickerson
Bette Silvey Donatt
Jean C. Brown Durst
Mildred Sprung Gholson
Kathryn C. Gray

Bessie Bergman Paul

Mary E. Coleman Haas

Betty J. Reo

Anna (Ann) Easterly Halterman

Lavera Roland

Grace D. Harding

Charlcia B. Rosenlund

Kathryn M. Highberg

Hazel Trapp Salmon

Charlotte Schmidtke Jones

Dorothy Gay Sawyer

Mildred M. Laitner

Susan Sohler

Mary Evelyn Ross Lucke

Esther Studer

Esther H. Ludwig

Kathleen McCormack Troy

Maud G. Ogilvie

Mary Jane Hutsell Williams


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