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song of thunderstorm project wives
Mrs. Ben Shupack

We are indebted to Miss Betty Sauers, Secretary to Dr. Horace Byers, for sending us the following lyric, work of the wife of the Vice-President of the Soaring Society. (As you know, this society cooperates in the thunderstorm research at Orlando, furnishing the pilots who made the glider flights.) It is our thought that Mrs. Shupack’s song might stir a responsive cord in wives of weathermen other than those whose husbands are on the Thunderstorm Project.

Sung to the tune of
“My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean”

Let’s sing of the beauties of nature
The clouds and the wind and the rain
Of whose workings, intricate patterns
Our men seek the knowledge to gain.


Forecasts, forecasts, the work of an
Over-size brain, a brain,
Forecasts, forecasts of thunderstorms
Followed by rain.

They get up real early each morning
To the fields, to their desks they all hide
Above them the sun is a-shining
A few tiny cirrus float by—


They study of matters celestial
Their aggregate learning is much
They study and analyze air mass
The temperature, wind charts and such –


They study all manner of figures
Oh great their acumen and craft
They study both those on their papers
And those that appear on the graph—


To us who are not scientific
The results of this study are plain
Each day brings the sage proclamation
Of thunderstorms followed by rain –


In: “The BREEZE”, Volume 3, No. 9, October 10, 1946. P. 4.

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