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Steam yacht, dimensions unknown. This vessel was used as a tender (supply vessel) for larger Coast Survey vessels working on the southeastern coast of the United States prior to the Civil War. Unclear if a contract vessel for the duration of its work on the Coast Survey. In service 1856-1860. It was seized by the State of South Carolina in December 1860 during the period before the beginning of the Civil War.


Schooner, length 60 feet, beam 19 feet, draft 4 feet. Built for Coast Survey in 1850. This vessel was used primarily as a hotel vessel for topographic crews. George D. Wise wrote “A Lamentable Ditty” while conducting topographic work in the vicinity of Chincoteague, Virginia, in 1852. In service 1850-1859 on Atlantic coast. Vessel named for Benjamin Franklin, first to study the Gulf Stream and great-grandfather of Alexander Dallas Bache.


Steam launch, length 45 feet, beam 12 feet, draft 5.5 feet. Built by J.F.P. Mitchel in 1882. In service 1882-1904 on Pacific coast.


Schooner, dimensions not known. In service 1848-1861 in Atlantic waters. Used primarily as a hotel ship, initially by the triangulation party of Ferdinand H. Gerdes, a senior assistant in the Coast Survey. Gerdes, with his aids and sub-assistant (notably Clarence Fendall) served with David Dixon Porter and then Samuel Philips Lee on the Mississippi River during many Civil War actions.

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