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Schooner, length 60 feet, beam 16 feet, draft 4 feet. Built in 1843 for the Revenue Service . On loan from Revenue Service from 1848 until beginning of Civil War. In service 1848-1861. In May 61 transferred back to Revenue Service. Named for Secretary of the Treasury William H. Crawford (1772-1834) who served under Presidents Madison and Monroe from 1816 to 1825.


Sternwheel steamboat, length 159 feet, beam 32.1 feet, draft 4 feet. A Mississippi River Union gunboat (tinclad) on which surveys of the Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers were conducted by the party of Coast Surveyor Ferdinand Gerdes between March, 1864, and May 1865. Named for the bird.


Steam vessel, length 99.5 feet, beam 17.5 feet, draft 7 feet. Built in 1869, acquired in 1885 for $12,000. 1891 rotten hull caused recommending sale.


Schooner, length 70 feet, beam 20 feet, draft 2.8 feet. In service 1856-1876 on Atlantic Coast. Named for American geologist James Dwight Dana, 1813-1895.


Twin-engine gasoline launch, length 75 feet, beam 13.6 feet, draft 4 feet. Built at Luders, Stamford, Connecticut, in 1925. Acquired from Coast Guard in 1933. Ex-Coast Guard motor CG#242. Returned to Coast Guard in 1935. Named for the great Coast Surveyor George Davidson (1825-1911), pioneer Coast Surveyor who came to California in 1850, geodesist who observed and planned the 39th Parallel Survey from north of San Francisco through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, observer of the great Davidson Quadrilateral, measurer of the Yolo Baseline considered the most accurate baseline of the Nineteenth Century, President of the California Academy of Sciences for 16 years, member of the National Academy of Sciences, Regent 1877-1884 and Professor at the University of California until his death, author of the Pacific Coast and Alaska Coast Pilots, founder and first President of the Pacific Seismological Society, instrumental in convincing James Lick to endow the Lick Observatory, Commissioner of Irrigation of the State of California, and many other significant positions and accomplishments.

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