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Steam launch, length 45 feet, beam 10.2 feet, draft ? In service 1867-1886(?) on Atlantic coast. Apparently named for Sagadahoc County, Maine.


Schooner, length 76 feet, beam 22 feet, draft 6.5 feet. Built by Fardy and Woodall, Baltimore, Maryland, in 1871. When old and of little use, this ship was used as an unmanned offshore signal anchored on Nantucket Shoals. At almost the completion of the resurvey when the ship’s job was done, it sank following a gale on September 11, 1891. The SCORESBY served as a survey ship to its last day. Probably named for William Scoresby (1789-1857), English whaling captain, scientist, and Vicar of Bradford.


Schooner, length 83 feet, beam 21 feet, draft 6 feet. Built by Fardy and Woodall at Baltimore, Maryland, in 1871. Built for the Coast Survey, transferred to Navy in 1888. In service1871- 87 on Atlantic coast. Named for the American scientist Benjamin Silliman (1779-1864), who was affiliated with Yale University and published “The American Journal of Science and Arts”, often called Sillimans Journal.


Schooner, 1855-1861 (?). Probably a small schooner, mentioned as a tender in the Florida Keys in 1861. Probably named for the mother of Alexander Dallas Bache, Sophia Dallas Bache (1789-1860), who was daughter of sixth Secretary of the Treasury Alexander J. Dallas and sister of Vice President George M. Dallas who served under President Polk.


Sharpie type schooner, length 51.5 feet, beam 14 feet, draft 1.5 feet. Built by A. C. Brown, Tottenville, New York, at a cost of $2654.06 in 1888. In service 1888-1905 on the Atlantic coast. Commemorated by the name Spy Key in the Florida Keys.


Sloop, length 70 feet, beam 22 feet, draft 1.7 feet. Built by Fardy and Woodall in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1871. In service 1871-1884 on Atlantic coast.

Publication of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA Central Library.

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