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Stories and tales of the coast and geodetic survey - personal tales

Many a Coast Surveyor
led a life that would have been the grist of a Jack London tale. Share some of the adventures, philosophizing, and observations of the surveyors who helped measure our continent and chart our coastlines. A tough life by some standards, but not one that any of them would have traded....

picture of horses and man in aleutians

Some Personal Recollections Of Over Twenty Years Ago

Captain Harry Seran looks back twenty years to his first season in the Coast and Geodetic Survey.

picture of william scaife
The Diary of William McCaslan Scaife Covering the Years 1919 and 1920
Join a young Coast Surveyor on sea duty and shore duty during his first two years of duty. Things were rough working out of shore camps on the Alaska Peninsula in those days.
picture of a grasshopper
Piffle and Jottings From the Desiccated West During 1934
Humorous writings by George E. Marsh describing 1930's camp life in the western U.S..
man and women at the beach
Just a Soft Political Job - Excerpts from the Letters Home of Benton Hickok
Mr. Hickok describes C&GS surveying crew life during a the midst of the Great Depression.
picture of Carl ingman aslakson
Earth Measurer - The Autobiography of Carl Aslakson
Pioneer in the truest sense of the word. Inventor of the sextometer and developer of Shoran to the installation of satellite and rocket tracking stations in the 1960's.

drawing of lituya bay area
Notes on Discipline at Sea
Captain Francis H. Hardy, Coast and Geodetic Survey, shares his views on maintaining discipline at sea -- some sound advice for leaders at sea and ashore.
picture of rear admiral robert knox
NOAA Corps Reflections "Knox Here"
Biographical sketch of Rear Admiral Robert W. Knox, U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (C&GS) (Ret.).

picture of harry garber
Harry Garber's Rock
Biographical sketch of Rear Admiral Harry Garber.
angelo ferrara
Personal Memoir of Angelo Ferrara
Angelo Ferrara describes highlights of his 33 year service in the Coast and Geodetic Survey.
marvin paulson
Marvin & Marion Paulson
A Travelogue and Memories

Captain Marvin Paulson, Coast and Geodetic Survey (retired), shares the following memoir that he wrote for his family in 2001.
picture of john ross by james whistler
Recollections of Whistler While in the Office of the United States Coast Survey
Account by John Ross Key, grandson of Francis Scott Key.

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