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Stories and tales of the coast and geodetic survey - ocean tales
ocean waves
The Coast Survey and its descendant agencies
have been pioneers in studying the wonders of the sea. From the Florida reefs to Cape Mendocino, from the Gulf Stream waters to the Gulf of Alaska, the Coast Survey and its descendant organizations have helped unravel the mysteries of the sea. Join the Coast Survey on a journey of discovery. Be prepared for a few rocky days though as the sea is not always beauty and serenity....

picture of Professor Louis Agassiz

The Florida Reef

Excerpts from the first scientific study of the Florida Reef system by Louis Agassiz. Agassiz conducted studies of the Florida Reef System at the request of the United States Coast Survey in 1851.

picture of the hydrographer

Hurricane "Florence" versus Ship HYDROGRAPHER
Ride out a hurricane with the Coast and Geodetic Survey Ship HYDROGRAPHER in the Gulf of Mexico in 1953.

contour map of georges bank
The Origin of the Submarine Valleys along the Southern Edge of Georges Bank
One of the earliest papers on submarine canyons by Dr. Francis P. Shepard, the "Father of Marine Geology."

picture of john elliott pillsbury
The Gulf Stream
The first three chapters of the classic account of Gulf Stream studies and exploration by John Elliott Pillsbury.
Ship Patterson
Through the Straits of Magellan on the Patterson
Account of the passage through the Straits of Magellan during 1884 - 1885.

topo chart showing canyon
Submarine Scarp Off Cape Mendocino, California
Harold W. Murray, Associate Cartographic Engineer
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey describes the submarine scarp.

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