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Mr. Louis J. Cairo, meteorological aid, Weather Bureau Office, New York City, died suddenly on November 14, 1946. Mr. Cairo was born June 1, 1916. He attended the Weather Bureau Regional Training Class in New York and assigned to the Weather Bureau Office in Columbiaville, N.Y., in October 1945. He was transferred to the New York City Office in October 1946.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, December 1946, p.86

Mr. Louis N. Calder
who was retired at the termination of May 31, 1941, died at this residence in Washington, D.C., on August 3, 1946. Mr. Calder's services in the Weather Bureau covered the period, February 1, 1928, to May 31, 1941, his entire service being at the Central Office in the Printing Section.

[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, December 1946, p.86]

Mr. Edgar B. Calvert, Principal Meteorologist and Chief of the Forecast Division, will have reached the 50th anniversary of his entry into the meteorological service of the United States Government on March 21, 1940. He has expressed desire to relinquish active duty soon thereafter and to be placed in retired status at the expiration of the accumulated leave to which he may be entitled.

Mr. Edgar B. Calvert was retired at the termination of June 30, 1940. He was born at Petersburg, Va., on October 29, 1870; was appointed private in the Signal Corps, U. S. A., Weather Service, on March 21, 1890, with assignment to the Chicago station. When the Weather Service was transferred from the Signal Corps and established in the new Weather Bureau, U. S. Department of Agriculture, effective July 1, 1891, Mr. Calvert was appointed assistant and later observer at Chicago. He was transferred to the Central Office in 1895 and served several years as private secretary to the Chief of Bureau; during 6 months of such period he was detailed as acting private secretary to the Secretary of Agriculture.

From 1906 to 1918 Mr. Calvert served as Assistant Chief of the Division of Accounts and Disbursements of the main Department, and at the same time was in charge of the Stations and Accounts Division of the Weather Bureau. Later he became Chief Clerk of the Bureau and then filled - finally as principal meteorologist - for 20 years, until his retirement.

During this long period he served as member of various important Bureau, departmental, and inter-departmental committees and boards established to perfect and improve Government business procedures and practices. He also served as technical assistant to the delegation of the United States at the International Conference on Safety of Life at Sea, London, England, April 1929; and also as technical advisor to the United States delegation at the inter-American Technical Aviation Conference, Lima, Peru, September 1987, when he also attended the Regional Meteorological Conference there.

In many and varied important capacities Mr. Calvert served the Weather Bureau and the Government over 40 years in a highly creditable and commendable manner.

On retiring, Mr. Calvert was given a reception by the staff - administrative, technical, and clerical - of the Central Office, when he received many appreciative testimonials and a radio, commemorative of his long association and service in the Bureau.

Since the preparation of the above article, it is deeply regretted to announce the death of Mr. Calvert on July 9, 1940. Mr. Calvert had been in poor health for several months, but his passing comes as a shock to his many friends.

[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, January 1940]
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, June 1940]

Mr. Louis M. Campfield was retired October 27, 1923, on account of total disability. Mr. Campfield was born at Savannah, Ga., on September 4, 1875. He entered the Weather Bureau at that place on July 1, 1895, and, excepting three years at the Central Office, served continuously at Savannah. Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, December 1923.

Mr. Louis M. Campfield, who was retired on October 27, 1923, on account of total disability, died at Savannah on April 26, 1924.

[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, April 1924]

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