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Mrs. Alice W. Robinson was retired at the termination of July 31, 1933, under the provisions of section 7, Retirement Act, May 29, 1930. Mrs. Robinson was born at Woburn, Mass., on August 30, 1876. She entered the Weather Bureau on June 4, 1920, serving as assistant librarian at the Central Office during the entire period of her service. Before entering the Weather Bureau, Mrs. Robinson served in the libraries of the U. S. National Museum and the Central High School, Washington, D. C.

Mrs. Alice W. Robinson, who was retired on July 31, 1933, died on April 12, 1936. A brief outline of Mrs. Robinson' services will be found in the July 1933 issue of Topics and Personnel.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, July 1933]
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, April 1936]

Mr. Benjamin Robinson, fireman at the Central Office, died March 2, 1931. Mr. Robinson was born in Charles County, Md., on June 20, 1883. He entered the Weather Bureau service as fireman on August 16, 1918, and served in that capacity until the date of his death.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, March 1931]

Mr. Milton A. Robinson of the Central Office, was retired May 21, 1925, being incapacitated by illness while serving under certificate of continuance. He was born at Laurel, Md., on November 20, 1852. Mr. Whiteside enlisted in the Signal Corps on July 17, 1880, and, after the usual period of instruction at Fort Whipple, was assigned to Arizona, having charge at Tucson, Fort Thomas, and Maricopa, successively. In 1884 he returned to the Central Office, where he has since served continuously.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, July 1946, p.52]

Mr. Roche, Henry H.: Born at Perry, Me., on May 16 1862; elisted in the Signal Corps at Eastport, Me., on December 24, 1882; except for several short periods during which he was assigned temporarily in charge at Concord and Eastport, his entire time in the bureau was spent as assistant at Eastport and Portland, Me., having served at the last-named place from October, 1896, until the time of his retirement. Retired at the termination of June 30, 1932.

Henry H. Roche, who was retired at the termination of June 30, 1932, died at his home in Portland, Maine, on March 13, 1942. An outline of his service and notice of his retirement will be found in TOPICS and PERSONNEL for June 1932.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, May 1942]
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, June 1932]

Mr. Orlin R. Rogers, junior meteorologist in charge of the Columbia, Mo., station, was voluntarily retired at the termination of September 30, 1944. He was born in Towanda, Ill., on October 3, 1881 and entered the Weather Bureau at San Francisco on June 15, 1910, as assistant observer. He subsequently served at Birmingham and Davenport. In May 1915 he was transferred to Columbia where he served continuously, being placed in charge in July 1932.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, September 1944]

Clarence J. Root, Meteorologist in charge of the Detroit station of the Weather Bureau, since 1932, and in charge at Springfield, Ill., from 1911-1932, retired at the end of March after 45 years in the Bureau. Mr. Root is much interested in storms, weather abnormalities, practical applications of meteorology. While he was Section Director for Illinois he built up the esprit de corps of the cooperative observers to such an extent that the Illinois [section] became a model of what a cooperative climatological network could be. His numerous articles and notes are sprinkled through the Monthly Weather Review, Climatological Data (Ill. Sec.), and the BULLETIN.
[Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Volume 26, May, 1945. P. 159.]

Mr. Alfred A. Rordame, senior observer at the Pocatello station, died at his home in Pocatello on July 31, 1940. He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on February 20, 1903. Mr. Rordame entered the Weather Bureau service as assistant at Salt Lake City, on October 16, 1926, and subsequently served as assistant at Boise, Modena, Salt Lake City, and Pocatello. His service at the latter station began on October 4, 1938.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, August 1940]

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