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Mr. Elton Peterman, retired, died at Harrisburg, Pa., on October 7, 1930. A brief outline of Mr. Peterman's service in the bureau will be found in the August, 1928, TOPICS AND PERSONNEL.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, October 1930]

Mr. Lewis M. Pindell,who has been in charge at Chattanooga, Tenn., since July 28, 1886, will be retired December 31, 1930. He was born December 16, 1856, at Annapolis, Md. Mr. Pindell entered the Signal Corps on May 18, 1878, and spent the usual training period at Fort Whipple. His service, exclusive of the long assignment at Chattanooga, consisted of short assignments as assistant at Nashville and official in charge at Palestine, Escanaba, and Green Bay.

Mr. Lewis M. Pindell, who was retired December 31, 1930, died at his home in Chattanooga, Tenn., on January 6, 1937. A notice of his retirement and an outline of his service at various Weather Bureau stations will be found in Topics and Personnel of November 1930.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, November 1930]
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, January 1937]

Mr. George W. Pitman,in charge at Cheyenne, died suddenly July 21, 1931, at Sheridan, Wyo., while on leave. He was born at Chesterfield, Ill., on November 14, 1877. Mr. Pitman entered the Weather Bureau service on June 16, 1908, as assistant at Little Rock, after which he served successively as assistant at Fort Smith, Springfield, Ill., Detroit, and Huron until February, 1917, when he was assigned to Cheyenne as official in charge.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, July 1931]

Mr. William Plummer, Jr., senior laborer at the Central Office, died at Garfield Hospital, Washington, D.C., on September 26, 1938. He was born at Arlington, Va., on August 26, 1875. His entire service, which began December 26, 1908, was at the Central Office.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, September 1938]

William Plummer Sr., retired, died at Arlington, Va., on December 12, 1924.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, December 1924]

Mr. Robert P. Powell, official in charge of the Parkersburg, W.Va., station, died at St. Joseph's Hospital in Parkersburg on April 21, 1937. He was born at Vickburg, Miss., on August 14, 1872. Mr. Powell entered the service at Vicksburg, Miss., on December 1, 1895, and subsequently served at Arlington, Knoxville, and Parkersburg respectively, being employed at the latter station as assistant from October 1898 to September 1932, and in charge from September 1932 to the time of his death.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, April 1937]

Mr. Arthur W. Pugh, official in charge of the Palestine station, was voluntarily retired at the termination of December 31, 1943. He was born in Tenaha, Tex., on November 12, 1878. His service in the Weather Bureau began on January 4, 1904 at New Orleans, as a printer. He was subsequently assigned to Lincoln, Little Rock, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Dayton, Knoxville, Modena, Roseburg, Shreveport, and Palestine. He was official in charge of the last six stations. He has been in charge of the Palestine station since April 23, 1941.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, March 1944]

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