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Mr. Larry F. Page, meteorologist, who died June 10, 1940, at Emergency Hospital in Washington, D. C., was in his sixth year with the U. S. Department of Agriculture. He was a specialist in statistical research in the field of long-range forecasting, his work having attracted international attention among weather forecasters.

Mr. Page was born in Des Moines, Iowa, on May 19, 1907, and made that place his home until he came to Washington in October 1934. He was graduated from Drake University, and also had done graduate work in the Department of Agriculture Graduate School and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When he came to the Department of Agriculture in the fall of 1934 he was first with the Weather Bureau and later with the Division of Crop and Livestock Estimates. After a year's special study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he returned to Washington in August 1939 on a special assignment with the Weather Bureau.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, June 1940]

Mr. Leon F. Paladee, hand compositor (journeyman) at Fort Worth, Tex., voluntarily retired at the termination of July 31, 1946, after over 30 years service. He was born on February 3, 1890, at Williston, Vt., and entered the Weather Bureau as printer on February 10, 1926, at Little Rock, Ark. Mr. Paladee was transferred to Ft. Worth, Tex., on December 16, 1944, where he remained until his retirement.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, Octo
ber 1946, p.72]

Orin Parker- Born June 5, 1845, at Plainfield, Ind.; served in Tenth Indiana Volunteers February 24, 1864, to July 10, 1865; in the Seventh Infantry June 27, 1866, to June 27, 1874; and in Signal Corps July 10, 1874, to June 30, 1891; appointed in Weather Bureau December 26, 1893, since which time he has served at a number of stations. [Retirement announcement.] -- July 1920

Mr. Perry Parker, observer in charge of the Globe, Ariz., station, died on November 11, 1944. He was born on July 5, 1887, at Staples, Minn., and entered the Weather Bureau on February 1, 1919 at Twin, Wash., as repairman. He later served at Tatoosh Island as assistant observer from May 1921 to July 1923, when he resigned. On January 2, 1924 he was reinstated at North Head as repairman and later served as mechanic at San Francisco and the San Bruno airport. On July 16, 1943 he was transferred to Globe as observer.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, January 1945]

Mr. William N. Parker, of the Supplies Division, Central Office, died March 16, 1923. Mr. Parker was born at Zanesville, Ohio, on November 7, 1846. After serving two years in the Army during the Civil War and several years in other departments, he entered the Weather Bureau July 17, 1897, and served continuously at the Central Office until his recent illness. -- March 1923

Miss Ellen O. Parmelee, assistant observer at the Caribou station, died in a fire while on active duty, March 29, 1944. She was born in Flushing, L.I., on April 25, 1916. Miss Parmelee's service began at the New York Regional Office as junior observer on April 1, 1943. On July 16, 1943 she was transferred to the Caribou station as assistant observer.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, July 1944]

Mr. Richard S. Patek, junior meteorologist at Albuquerque, died there on January 29, 1944. He was born in Milwaukee, Wis., on June 24, 1905. Mr. Patek entered the Weather Bureau as a junior observer at Escanaba on November 15, 1937 and was later assigned to Albuquerque as assistant. He has been at the latter station since January 1940.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel]

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