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Mr. Fred I. Moses, assistant meteorologist of the Ithaca station, was voluntarily retired at the termination of September 30, 1943. He was born in Lima, N.Y., on November 22, 1879. His service in the Weather Bureau began at the Central Office on September 16, 1909 as assistant observer. He was later assigned to the Albany, Syracuse, Royal Center, and Ithaca. He has been at the latter station since April 12, 1923.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, February 1944]

Daniel C. Murphy - Mr. Murphy died on September 20, 1915. He entered the service November 9, 1871, and had a previous Army service from 1865 to 1868. His assignment in charge of the Eastport (Maine) station was effected on April 4, 1882, his subsequent continuous service of more than thirty-three years constituting an unusual record. -- September 1915

Mr. Joseph E. Mutchler, minor observer at the Boise station, died June 26, 1937. He was born at Braddock, N. Dak., May 5, 1902. His entire service in the Weather Bureau was at Boise, Idaho, at which place it began October 9, 1936.

[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, June 1937]

Ulysses Grant Myers - Among the passengers of the steamship Princess Sophia, which was wrecked in a storm on the Alaskan coast on October 25, 1918, was Mr. Ulysses Grant Myers. Mr. Myers was an old employee. He entered the Signal Corps on January 23, 1886, and served until the Weather Bureau was organized in 1891, when he was appointed clerk and assigned to duty in the Central Office. Later he had the field service at Pittsburgh, Pa., and Mount Washington, N.H., and in 1892 reopened the station on Pikes Peak. In 1894, when in charge of the New Haven station, he resigned and went to Alaska, where he subsequently resided. For a number of years he was United States Commissioner in that Territory, and also rendered valuable service as special meteorological observer. -- October 1918

Miss Daisy Mae Nelson,clerk in the Central Office, died on August 7, 1944. Miss Nelson was born on October 16, 1909, at Manassas, Va., and was appointed in the Weather Bureau on December 1, 1942.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, September 1944]

Mr. William W. Neifert was retired at the termination of April 30, 1933. He was born at Barnesville, Pa., on January 27, 1865. He enlisted in the Signal Corps November 27, 1885; after the usual period of instructions at Fort Myer he was transferred to Fort Bowie for a short time; later he served as assistant or official in charge at Fort Reno, San Antonio, Palestine, Brownsville, Norfolk, Philadelphia, Vineyard Haven, Nantucket, Boston, Hartford, Dayton, and Binghamton. At the time of his retirement, he was in charge at Binghamton.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, April 1933]

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