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Mr. Albert Brand was retired at the termination of March 31, 1933. Mr Brand was born at Fond du Lac, Wis., on March 12, 1863. He served in the Regular Army from August 4, 1884, to August 3, 1889; enlisted in the Signal Corps August 6, 1889, and served as assistant at St. Louis, Mo., Cincinnati, Ohio, and Atlantic City, N. J. He was in charge of Atlantic City when he was transferred to Evansville, Ind., on July 30, 1903, where he remained until April 3, 1928, when he was placed in charge of the Helena, Mont., station, remaining there in that capacity until he retired.

Mr. Albert Brand, who was retired March 31, 1933, died June 27, 1934.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, March 1933]

Mr. Frederick H. Brandenburg, meteorologist, in charge of the Denver office, died in that city on April 17, 1920.

Mr. Brandenburg was born in Washington, D.C., on August 23, 1854, and enlisted in the Signal Corps on August 21, 1877. All of his 43 years of service was in Colorado with the exception 3 months' training at Fort Whipple, 1 year at Chicago, and 3 « years as clerk in Washington. He was transferred from Washington May 5, 1882, to charge of the station at Las Animas, Colo., where he served until June 1, 1888. Thence to charge of Pueblo until June 7, 1894, when he was placed in charge of the Denver office. When the Denver forecast district, comprising the States of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona, was organized in 1901, he became the official forecaster for that district.

Mr. Brandenburg had been in poor health for several months, but he remained on duty until noon, January 5, 1920, when he was stricken with paralysis and taken to his home. He was unable to resume his work thereafter. -- March 1920

Edward A. Branham
- Born August 25, 1847, at Arlington, Va.; served in the United States Army from spring of 1864 to fall of 1869; in Navy Department March 9, 1871, to March 8, 1873; and in Signal Corps (civilian capacity) beginning April 1, 1873; transferred to Weather Bureau July 1, 1891, since which time he has been assigned as laborer, messenger, and watchman at the Central Office. [Retirement announcement.] -- July 1920

Dr. Alexander Breese, assistant meteorologist in the Meteorological Physics Section of the Central Office, died suddenly on May 20, 1944. He was born in Moscow, Russia, on January 29, 1889, and entered the Weather Bureau on July 1, 1929 at San Francisco (Lebec Airport). He subsequently served as assistant at Fresno and San Francisco and was transferred to the Central Office on August 10, 1942. At the time of his death he was engaged in special research on actinometry.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, July 1944]

Mr. Theodore L. Bridges, assistant at the Boston station, was retired on account of physical disability a the termination of October 31, 1931. Mr. Bridges was born at Wilton, N. H., on May 2, 1869. He entered the Signal Corps as assistant at Boston on June 4, 1888. After a short period of time he was transferred to Detroit as assistant, thence to Sandusky where he remained until September, 1889, when he was reassigned to the Boston station where he served until the date of his retirement, except for a brief period of about three months during 1893 when he was given a temporary assignment at Chicago during the World's Fair.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, January 1932]

The death of Mr. Robert R. Briggs, section director in charge of the Phoenix, Ariz., station and the Arizona Climatological Section, occurred February 5, 1916, after a very brief illness. Mr. Briggs was appointed an observer on August 8, 1901, and prior to going to Phoenix was assistant at the Detroit, Richmond, Philadelphia, and New Haven stations. He was in charge at Phoenix for about four years, and did much to bring the work of the Arizona Section to its present efficient basis. -- February 1916

Mr. Henry C. Briscoe, Chief of the Printing Section, at the Central Office was retired at the termination of October 31, 1941. He was born in Bristol, Tenn., on October 13, 1871. Mr. Briscoe entered the Weather Bureau service on August 5, 1902 at Galveston as printer and later served at New Orleans in the same capacity. He has been in the Central Office since October 20, 1914 and Chief of Printing from 1932 to the time of his retirement. So, Mr. Briscoe has completed nearly 40 years of loyal and efficient service in the Weather Bureau, having progressed through the different grades to the administrative head of the important Printing Section. Good work, well done!

Mr. Henry C. Briscoe, who was retired at the termination of October 31, 1941, died at Washington, D.C., on November 5, 1944. A notice of his retirement and outline of his service in the Bureau will be found in Topics and Personnel for December 1941.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, December 1941]
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, December 1944]

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