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Mr. Elmer M. Kee, Jacksonville, has been retired, effective July 31, 1930, on account of total disability. Mr. Kee was born November 18, 1900, at Conneaut Lake, Pa. He entered the Weather Bureau service as assistant at Jacksonville on October 25, 1922. With the exception of the periods April 1, 1923, to March 18, 1924; July 20, 1927, to June 30, 1928; and August 9, 1928, to June 24, 1929, during which times he served as assistant at Key West, Pensacola, and Chattanooga, respectively; and the period June 25 to September 2, 1929, when he was out of the service, Mr. Kee was assigned to the Jacksonville station.

Mr. Elmer M. Kee, who was retired May 1931, died on April 9, 1935. A notice of his retirement and a brief outline of his services will be found in Topics and Personnel for May 1931.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, May 1931]
[Wether Bureau Topics and Personel, January 1936]

Mr. John J. Kelliher, of the Portland, Ore., station, was retired May 5, 1924. He was born at Worcester, Mass., on May 6, 1854. Mr. Kelliher entered the Signal Corps on April 26, 1890, and excepting a year at Cairo, Ill., served only in the Northwest, principally at Portland, Pocatello, North Head, and Port Angeles.

Mr. John J. Kelliher, retired, died March 28, 1932, at his home at Forest Lake Park, about 5 miles north of Seattle, Wash. A notice of his retirement and brief outline of Mr. Kelliher's services in the bureau may be found in the May, 1924, number of this publication.

[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, May 1924]
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, March 1932]

Captain Kenneth N. Kellow, U.S. Air Corps, a former Weather Bureau employee, was killed on a bombing mission over the Ploesti oil fields on July 28, 1944, on his 37th bombing mission. Captain Kellow was born on March 30, 1915, at Ithaca, Nebr. He entered the Weather Bureau as an observer on September 12, 1939, at Rock Springs, Wyo., and was granted military furlough effective October 8, 1940. His military career included service as private, aviation cadet, lieutenant, and captain. He was awarded the following medals: Air Medal, four Oak Leaf Clusters, Bronze Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Purple Heart.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, October 1946, p.73]

Mr. James R. Kendall, official in charge of the Louisville station, was retired at the termination of February 29, 1944. He was born in Grant County, Kentucky, on February 12, 1874. Mr. Kendall entered the Weather Bureau service on July 12, 1910 as assistant observer at Louisville, Kentucky. On December 1, 1920 he was made official in charge of the Louisville station and remained there to the time of his retirement. Prior to his appointment in the Weather Bureau he was in the Quartermasters Department at Large in the War Department.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, March 1944]

Mr. William Keough, for many years a lithographer at the Central Office, died January 25, 1923, at his residence in this city. Mr. Keough was born at Washington, D.C., on May 1, 1849, entered the Signal Corps February 1, 1873, and served continuously until furloughed on account of ill health a few months before his resignation on June 15, 1918. -- January 1923

Mr. Elgie M. Keyser, official in charge of the Spokane station, died suddenly at his home in Spokane on February 24, 1941. He was born in Allen County, Ind., on March 31, 1871. Mr. Keyser entered the Weather Bureau service at Philadelphia as observer on June 10, 1901, and later served as assistant at Springfield, Ill. , Chicago, Washington, D. C., Indianapolis, Keokuk, San Francisco, and Portland, Oreg., and as official in charge at Spokane. He served at the latter station from August 30, 1920, to the time of his death. Prior to his appointment to the Weather Bureau Mr. Keyser was meteorologist with the Isthmian Canal Commission from December 1, 1905, to September 30, 1914.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, March 1941]

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