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Mr. William H. C. Holst, senior engineering draftsman at the Central Office, was retired at the termination of February 28, 1941, on account of disability. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on February 12, 1881. Mr. Holst entered the Weather Bureau service as clerk ( copyist, topographic draftsman ) at the Central Office on May 5, 1922. Prior to his appointment to the Weather Bureau he was employed in the Post Office Department from March 22, 1920, to May 4, 1922.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, April 1941]

Mr. John K. Hooper, meteorologist, died at Burlington, Vt., on April 4, 1919. Mr. Hooper was born at Portland, Me., on April 17, 1870, and entered the Weather Bureau as aerial observer on March 9, 1898. He was a member of what was known as the "Kite Class," a group of assistant observers assigned to Arlington, Va., for instruction in kite flying , when the aerial observation work by the bureau was begun. Later he served successively at Sault Ste. Marie, Detroit, Philadelphia, and New Haven as assistant, and at Canton and Burlington as official in charge. He was in charge of the latter station from September 17, 1909, until his death. -- April 1919

Ruby S. Hotze - Born January 4, 1844, at Mobile, Ala.; employed in Census Office July 1, 1890, and later in same year as clerk in Signal Corps; transferred to Weather Bureau July 1, 1891; and served since that time at Central Office. [Retirement announcement.] -- July 1920

Mr. Mark S. Howard, observer, died September 28, 1918, at Hatteras, N.C. While on leave of absence he contracted influenza which developed into pneumonia immediately after his return to duty, and his death resulted within a few days. Mr. Howard was appointed on April 24, 1906, and served as assistant at various stations until September 27, 1917, when he was placed in charge at Hatteras, N.C. -- September 1918

Howe, Henry C.: Born at Ludlow, Vt., on February 2, 1862; enlisted in the Signal Corps on July 29, 1890; served as assistant at Boston and New York, N. Y., and as official in charge at Concord and Parkersburg, being in charge of the latter station from December, 1905, until the time of his retirement. Retired at the termination of June 30, 1932.

Mr. Henry C. Howe, who was retired at the termination of June 30, 1932, died at his home in Parkersburg, W. Va., on March 7, 1938. An outline of his service and a notice of his retirement will be found in the June 1932 issue of Topics and Personnel.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, June 1932]
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, March 1938]

Mr. Everett H. Hughes, senior mechanic at the Central Office, retired at the termination of October 31, 1946, at the age of 70 and with over 49 years service in the Weather Bureau. Mr. Hughes was born on October 1, 1876, at Pulaski, Ind. He was continuously employed in the Weather Bureau from July 1, 1897, in various capacities, such as laborer, messenger, watchman, mechanic, including services as captain of the watch and supervision of the carpenter shop; and for a number of years was responsible for most of the repair and maintenance work at the Central Office. His entire service was at the Central Office in Washington, D.C., except for a short period (August 5, 1903 to March 4, 1904) at Mount Weather, Va. His service in the Bureau covered an unusually long period and was unique. He left a commendable record of fidelity and loyalty to duty.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, November 1946, p.79]

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