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Mr. La Mar E. Harper, photographer, dry-plate (journeyman), at the Central Office was retired at the termination of July 31, 1946, on account of disability. He was born in Highland, Ohio, on September 15, 1904. Mr. Harper entered the Weather Bureau on February 7, 1938, senior photo-lithographer, mechanical, by transfer from the U.S. Forest Service, where he served 8 years. Mr. Harper was on military duty from January 6, 1941, to November 1, 1941, and from January 26, 1942, to April 12, 1946. He had been on leave without pay status since returning from military furlough until completion of his disability retirement.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, October 1946, p.71]

Mr. Robert Harris died on June 13, 1923, his forty-first birthday. He was born at Winchester, Va. His service, as laborer at the Central Office, extended from May 1, 1908, until he was incapacitated by illness several months before his death. -- June 1923

Mr. F. Eugene Hartwell, senior meteorologist, in charge of the San Juan, P.R., station, was retired at the termination of June 30, 1935. Mr. Hartwell was born at Cardington, Ohio, on August 13, 1873. He entered the Weather Bureau service on April 16, 1901, and served as assistant or official in charge at Lincoln, Cienfuegos (Cuba), Key West, Burlington, and San Juan, P.R.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, June 1935]

Mr. George Hass-Hagen, on leave without pay from the Cleveland station since April 17, 1920, was retired December 4, 1920, on account of total disability, under the act of May 22, 1920.

Mr. Hass-Hagen was born February 24, 1858, at Wilmington, N.C.; enlisted in the Signal Corps January 7, 1878; and was transferred to the Weather Bureau in 1891. He served as assistant at a number of stations and between 1884 and 1909 was in charge at Fort Smith, Cairo, Toledo, Meridian, Tampa, Pierre, and Palestine. Thereafter he was stationed at Cleveland. -- March 1921

Mr. George Hass-Hagen, retired, died May 22, 1922, at Glendale, near Los Angeles, Calif. A reference to his service may be found in Topics and Personnel for March, 1921. May 1922

Mr. Walter B. Hare, official in charge of the Phoenix station, was retired June 30, 1938, on account of physical disability. He was born at Sandusky, Ohio, on February 20, 1880. Mr. Hare entered the Weather service as assistant at Columbia, Mo., Columbus, Scranton, Ithaca, and Houston, and as official in charge at Palestine, Canton, Springfield, Mo., and Phoenix.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, June 1938]

Mr. Julius J. Haydon, printer at the Lincoln station, died at the U. S. Veterans' Hospital in Lincoln on October 14, 1938. He was born in La Salle County, Ill., on November 16, 1874. Mr. Haydon entered the Weather Bureau on January 6, 1920, at Lincoln, and his entire service was at that place.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, December 1936]

Michael Hayes
- The death of Mr. Michael Hayes, an old and faithful employee of the Weather Bureau, occurred on August 24, 1916.

Mr. Hayes entered the service of the Weather Bureau (then the Signal Service) on October 27, 1880. His entire period of employment was in the Central Office at Washington, D.C., where he served in the several capacities of laborer, watchman, and messenger up to the date of his death. -- August 1916

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