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Mr. Edward A. Beals, retired, died December 26, 1931, at San Francisco. He was born April 23, 1855, at Troy, N. Y. Mr. Beals enlisted in the Signal Corps on July 8, 1880, and, excluding shorter assignments, served at Kitty Hawk, Mt. Washington, Fort Custer, and La Crosse, being in charge at all but the first-named place. In 1890 he left the service, but returned in 1891 and served at Buffalo until early in 1893. Thereafter, he was in charge at Minneapolis until 1896 and at Cleveland until 1898. During 1898 and 1899 he was inspector, with headquarters first at Cleveland and then at Chicago. Mr. Beals, as district forecaster, was in charge at Portland from 1900 to 1917 and at San Francisco until 1924. At his request he was stationed at Honolulu, in charge, until May of 1926, and then was assigned to research duty until he retired on July 31, 1926.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, December 1931]

Samuel W. Beall - Born May 4, 1846, in Prince Georges County, Md.; enlisted in Signal Corps September 25, 1871; was appointed civilian clerk therein October 2, 1888; transferred to Weather Bureau July 1, 1891; and has since been assigned to Central Office. [Retirement announcement.] -- July 1920

Mr. George Beesley, repairman, was retired July 5, 1923, at his own request. Mr. Beesley was born on the Atlantic Ocean, July 6, 1856. He entered the Weather Bureau at Neah Bay, Wash., on September 20, 1902, but was out of service from April of 1903 to October of 1906. Since the latter date he has been stationed at Sekiou, Wash., from November to March of each season, charged with maintaining a section of the Port Angeles-Tatoosh Island telegraph line. -- July 1923

Mr. William S. Belden, official in charge of the St. Joseph station, was retired at the termination of April 30, 1939, after more than 41 years' service as a commissioned employee. He was born in Honey Creek, Wis., on April 9, 1869. Previous to his entering the Weather Bureau service at Arlington, Va., on March 19, 1898, he served for a short period as messenger at Topeka. Subsequent to his appointment at Arlington he was assigned to Dodge City and Kansas City as assistant and as official in charge at Vicksburg and St. Joseph.

Aaron H. Bell - Mr. Bell died on October 15, 1915. He entered the Signal Service on September 27, 1877, while serving as private, corporal, and clerk until October 21, 1889, when he resigned to accept a position in the Indian Office of the Department of the Interior. He was transferred to the Weather Bureau on January 27, 1898, and assigned as official in charge of the Weather Bureau station at Eureka, Cal., where he remained until his death. -- October 1915

Mr. Charles A. Belt, meteorological aid at Pittsburgh, Pa., was retired at the termination of November 30, 1946, on account of disability. Mr. Belt was born at Macy, Ind., on November 3, 1889, and entered the Weather Bureau Service on February 25, 1911, at New Orleans, La., as an assistant observer. Under date of August 1, 1912, he transferred to Pittsburgh, Pa., where he was employed until his retirement.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, January 1947, p. 92]

Mr. Charles N. Bemis, meteorologist at Albany, N.Y., retired voluntarily at the termination of July 31, 1946, after over 30 years service. Mr. Bemis was born in Croton, Vt., on October 5, 1886, and entered the Weather Bureau as assistant observer on November 1, 1915, at Houston, Tex. He later served at New York, N.Y., Burlington, Vt., Eastport, Maine, Northfield, Vt., and Albany, N.Y., respectively.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, October 1946, p.71]

Mr. Maitland C. Bennett
was retired at the termination of February 28, 1933. Mr. Bennett was born at Cashmere, Ontario, Canada, on February 8, 1863. He enlisted in the Signal Corps June 13, 1883; after the usual period of instruction at Fort Myer, he served as assistant at Norfolk. On August 6, 1885, he was assigned to the Central Office, serving there continuously until his retirement. At the time of his retirement he was assistant chief of the Division of Climate and Crop Weather.
Mr. Maitland C. Bennett, who was retired at the termination of February 20, 1933, after almost 50 years of Government service, died at his home in Washington, D.C., on May 8, 1942. An ouline of his service and notice of his retirement will be found in Topics and Personnel for February 1933.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, February 1933]
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, June 1942]

Mr. Bartholomeo T. Bertetti, jr., under observer at the San Antonio station, was retired, effective at the termination of September 30, 1936, on account of total disability. He was born at San Antonio, Tex., on March 14, 1900. Mr. Bertetti entered the Weather Bureau service as messenger on December 1, 1917. His entire service has been at the San Antonio station at which place he was serving as under observer at the time of his retirement.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, September 1]

Mr. Frank H. Bigelow, Professor of Meteorology in the Weather Bureau from 1891 to 1910, and in charge of the Climatological Division during the latter part of that period, died in Vienna on March 2, 1924. Mr. Bigelow was born August 28, 1851, at Concord, Mass. He was assistant rector at St. John's Church, Washington, D.C., while connected with the Weather Bureau. Mr. Bigelow was assistant in the Nautical Almanac Office from 1889 to 1891, and was prominent in astronomical and meteorological work in Argentina from 1873 to 1876, 1881 to 1883, and 1910 to 1921.

Mr. C. Grant Bigham, senior clerk in the Central Office was retired at the termination of January 31, 1937. He was born at Fairfield, Pa., on October 7, 1868. Mr. Bigham's service in the Bureau began as assistant at Nashville, Tenn., on June 27, 1901, at which place he remained until June 12, 1903, when he was assigned to a clerical position in the Central Office. Since then he has served in various divisions of the Bureau, and at the time of his retirement was employed in the Stations and Accounts Section.

Mr. C. Grant Bigham, who was retired on January 31, 1937, died at Garfield Hospital in Washington, D.C., on February 23, 1939. A notice of his retirement and a brief outline of his service will be found in Topics and Personnel for January 1937.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, January 1937]
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, February 1939]

Mr. John D. Blagden of the Memphis station, was retired February 28, 1930. He was born on February 29, 1860, at Carmel, Me. Mr. Blagden entered the Signal Corps on February 13, 1888, and after several short assignments was placed in charge at Currituck Inlet. He was in charge at Woods Hole from 1895 to 1899. Then followed assignments at Memphis and Galveston, and final assignment to Memphis in 1901.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, February 1930]

Mr. Thomas A. Blair,
official in charge of the Lincoln station, was retired voluntarily at the termination of August 31, 1943 after 36 years of service. He was born in Lamar, Mich., on February 28, 1879. His service in the Weather Bureau began as assistant observer at Sacramento on April 23, 1907. He was subsequently assigned to Minneapolis and Salt Lake City as assistant and as official in charge at Moorhead, Wagon Wheel Gap, Dubuque, Honolulu, and Lincoln. He has been at the latter station since April 1924. Prior to his appointment to the Weather Bureau, Mr. Blair was assigned to the Mare Island, Calif., Navy Yard.

Mr. Blair now resides at 426 Marine St., La Jolla, Calif.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, November 1943]

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