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Mr. David Haber,scientific aid in the Central Office, was retired for disability at the termination of February 29, 1944. He was born in Austria on May 9, 1905. He entered the Weather Bureau service at Richmond, as a junior observer on March 16, 1931, and was subsequently assigned to Nashville, Knoxville, and Washington as assistant. Prior to his service in the Weather Bureau he was employed in the Post Office and Customs Service.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, March 1944]

Mr. Sumner Hackett retired from the Weather Bureau February 15, 1921, on account of total disability, under provision of the Retirement Act of May 22, 1920.

Mr. Hackett was born February 21, 1860, at Minot, Me. He entered the Weather Bureau December 1, 1895, and spent his whole period of service in Arizona, being in charge at Yuma for the last twenty years. -- February 1921

Mr. Olin M. Hadley, meteorologist at the Atlanta station, was retired at the termination of July 31, 1941. He was born in Danville, Ind., on July 11, 1871. Mr. Hadley entered the Weather Bureau service at Jacksonville as observer on June 12, 1901, and subsequently served at Montgomery, St. Louis, La Salle, Thomasville, Galveston, Alpena, and Atlanta. He has been at the latter station since August 1, 1933.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, August 1941]

Mr. Ernest H. Haines, assistant forecaster of the Chicago district, was killed July 26, 1922, by coming in contact with a high voltage wire while inspecting the storm warning display station at Harbor Springs, Mich. Mr. Haines was born at Lockport, N.Y., on August 21, 1884. He entered the Weather Bureau July 14, 1905, at New York, and in a few months transferred to Chicago, where he served until his death. For several years he served as first assistant at Chicago and due to his exceptional ability as a forecaster was promoted to the important position of assistant district forecaster. -- July 1922.

Mr. Bertram E. Hall, official in charge of the Valentine station, died suddenly at that place on December 31, 1937. He was born at Amesbury, Mass., on March 22, 1901. Mr. Hall entered the service as junior observer at Huron, S. Dak., on January 16, 1925, and later served as assistant at Ellendale, Nashville, Kansas City, Sheridan, and Des Moines, and as official in charge at Valentine from September 3, 1930, to the time of his death.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, December 1937]

Mr. Cleve Hallenbeck, official in charge of the Roswell, N. Mex., station, was retired at the termination of January 1, 1942, on account of disability. He was born in Xenia, Ill., on February 4, 1883. Mr. Hallenbeck began his service in the Weather Bureau at Atlanta, Ga., on April 22, 1907 as assistant, and later served at Pueblo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Fort Worth, Chicago, Houston, and Denver, and as official in charge at Roswell. He has been at the latter staion since 1914.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, May 1942]

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