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Mr. John H. Edge, clerk in the materiel section of the Central Office, was voluntarily retired at the termination of September 30, 1944. He was born in Staffordshire, England, on December 15, 1874 and entered the Weather Bureau at Washington on August 1, 1912, as watchman. In 1916 he was promoted to clerk. Prior to his appointment in the Weather Bureau, Mr. Edge served in the U.S. Army during the Spanish-American war.

Mr. John H. Edge, who was retired at the termination of September 30, 1944, died at his home in Washington, D.C., on March 29, 1946. A notice of his retirement and an outline of his service in the Bureau will be found in Topics and Personnel for September 1944.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, September 1944]
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, May 1946, p.36]

Mr. Hubert A. Elliott, meteorologist, died suddenly on November 25, 1946. Mr. Elliott was born on April 8, 1903, at Mason City, Iowa, and entered the Weather Bureau service on July 7, 1924, as an observer at Sioux City, Iowa. He subsequently served at Dubuque, Iowa, Chicago, Ill., Los Angeles, Calif., El Paso, Tex., Portland, Oreg., Seattle, Wash., and Oakland, Calif. Mr. Elliott was serving as official in charge at the Oakland, Calif., airport station at the time of his death.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, January 1947, p. 92]

Mr. Samuel C. Emery, meteorologist in charge of the Memphis, Tenn., station, died January 15, 1920. He was on duty until a few days before his death, and the 14th he suffered a paralytic stroke, from which he did not recover consciousness. Mr. Emery was born in Monroe, N.H., on December 10, 1848; entered the Signal Corps on April 9, 1873, and received the usual course of military and meteorological training at Fort Whipple. Later he served for several months as instructor there. In 1877 he was placed in charge of the station at Grand Haven, Mich., and successively thereafter was in charge of stations at Nashville, La Crosse, Cairo, Savannah, Dubuque, Milwaukee, and Memphis. He served at Memphis for 24 years, lacking a few weeks. -- January 1920

Mr. Samuel T. Esmay, who had been on leave without pay on account of illness since noon of October 30, 1930, died December 3, 1930. Mr. Esmay was born at Sabula, Iowa, on May 30, 1863. He entered the Weather Bureau service on October 15, 1923, and served continuously in the Printing Division at the Central Office until October 30, 1930.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, December 1930]

Mr. Cyrus H. Eshleman, junior meteorologist at the Cleveland station, died at his home in Lakewood, Ohio, on December 17, 1941. Mr. Eshleman was born in Leitersburg, Md., on October 18, 1878. He entered the Weather Bureau service at Cleveland on June 3, 1902, as observer and subsequently served as assistant at Harrisburg, Duluth, and Cleveland, and as Official in Charge at Grand Haven and Ludington. His long record of almost 40 years was distinguished by his loyalty and devotion to duty.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, February 1942]

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