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Mr. Louis Dorman died at Cape May on March 24, 1926. He was born in Germany on October 1, 1856. After serving five years in the United States Cavalry, he enlisted in the Signal Corps on October 6, 1880, and, with the exception of two short intervals, was connected with the weather service continuously until his death. Mr. Dorman was assigned to the Central Office from 1893 to 1898. Among his longer assignments in charge were Santo Domingo, 1898-1901; Elkins, 1903-1911; Palestine, 1913-1919; and Cape May thereafter.

Mr. Samuel M. Dudley,
guard at the Central Office, was voluntarily retired at the termination of June 30, 1943. He was born in Sumter County, Alabama on August 2, 1873. Mr. Dudley's service in the Weather Bureau began on November 8, 1940, as relief guard. Mr. Dudley was employed in the Department of Commerce and Labor from 1906 to 1919.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, October 1943]

William M. Dudley died at Scranton on June 1, 1925. Though in ill health for the last year, he was absent from duty only a few days before his death. Mr. Dudley was born October 31, 1871, at Baltimore, Md. After being employed in a temporary capacity at the Baltimore station for a bout a year, he formally entered the Weather Service on August 9, 1890, and served successively at Atlanta, New Orleans, and Montgomery until early in 1896. From that time until June of 1896 he was in charge at Savannah; then at Mobile until 1903; and thereafter at Scranton.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, May 1925]

Mr. Charles C. Duvall, telegrapher, has been retired, effective September 30, 1930. Mr. Duvall was born at Abbeville, S.C., on September 18, 1863. He entered the Weather Bureau on October 23, 1922, and served in the Telegraph Division of the Central Office from that date until noon of September 2, 1930, when he was granted leave on account of illness.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, November 1930]

Mr. Dominic Dworsak, junior observer at the city office of Cheyenne, died May 18, 1932. He was born in New York, N. Y., November 28, 1887. Mr. Dworsak entered the Weather Bureau service on May 22, 1930, and served continuously at Cheyenne.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, May 1932]

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