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Mr. Lawrence H. Daingerfield, official in charge of the New Orleans station, was retired at the termination of February 28, 1943. He was born in St. Charles County, Mo., on February 24, 1873. Mr. Daingerfield entered the Weather Bureau at Arlington, Va., on March 19, 1898 as aerial observer. He later served as assistant at North Platte. Denver, Cheyenne, and St. Louis and as official in charge at Taylor, Pueblo, Cheyenne, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. He has been at the latter station since November 1941.

Mr. Daingerfield has rendered efficient service to the public over a long period of years.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, May 1943]

Mr. Albert J. Davis, who has been connected with the Norfolk station for more than 20 years, was retired November 4, 1924. Mr. Davis was born in Lawrenceburg, Ind., on November 5, 1854. He served with the Seventh U. S. Cavalry from 1876 to 1879. On April 20, 1881, he enlisted in the Signal Corps and was assigned to western and southwestern stations until 1893. From that time until 1896 he was with the Sixth and Eighth U. S. Cavalry. He returned to the Weather Bureau in 1897 and, after short periods at other stations was assigned to Norfolk in 1904.

Mr. Albert J. Davis, retired, died in Norfolk, Va., on November 16, 1935. A brief outline of Mr. Davis' services may be found in the November 1924 number of Topics and Personnel.

[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, November 1924]
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, November 1932]

Mr. William Davis, who was retired on January 29, 1928, died at his home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, on December 28, 1939. An outline of his service and a notice of his retirement will be found in the January 1928 issue of Topics and Personnel.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, January 1940]

Mr. Preston C. Day,chief of the Climatological Division of the Central Office since 1910, was retired May 28, 1930, on account of ill health. Mr. Day was born in Frederick County, Md., on October 21, 1859. He entered the Signal Corps on June 29, 1883, and after the usual six months' training at Fort Myer (formerly Fort Whipple), began his service of more than 46 years in the Central Office.

Dr. Preston C. Day, who was retired May 28, 1930, on account of ill health, died at his home in Washington, D. C., on October 21, 1931.

Doctor Day graduated from the National College of Pharmacy, Washington, D. C., on May 7, 1906.

He had been chief of the Climatological Division of the Weather Bureau from September 12, 1910, until the time of his retirement. He was the author of a number of papers relative to climatology, chief among which are the following: "A Discussion of the Occurrence of Frost in the United States", Bulletin V of the Weather Bureau; "A Discussion of the Climate of the United States, by Sections", Bulletin W, of the Weather Bureau; "A Treatise on the Winds of the United States", which was published in the Yearbook of the Department of Agriculture; a publication on the "Relative Humidity and Vapor Pressure of the United States", Supplement No. 6, Monthly Weather Review; a paper on the "Climate of France and Belgium", Monthly Weather Review for October, 1917; and a discussion of the "Cold Winter of 1917-18", Monthly Weather Review for December, 1918.

He was a fellow of the American Meteorological Society.

Doctor Day was editor of the Monthly Weather Review from 1910 to 1913, inclusive, editor of the National Weather and Crop Bulletin for a number of years, and editor of the Snow and Ice Bulletin from 1914 until the time of his retirement form the service.

[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, May 1930]
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, October 1932]

Mr. Walcott L. Day, in charge at Atlantic City, died February 28, 1932. He was born at Block Island, R. I., on November 9, 1863. Mr. Day entered the Signal Corps on October 20, 1883, and, after the usual training at Fort Myer, was assigned to Maricopa as assistant. He later served as assistant at Prescott, Cleveland, Erie, Woods Hole, Block Island, Norfolk, New York, Des Moines, and Philadelphia, and as official in charge at Fort Verde, San Carlos, and Block Island. He was placed in charge at Atlantic City on February 12, 1917.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, February 1932]

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