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Mr. Louis C. Cover was retired at the termination of August 31, 1933, in accordance with the provisions of section 8 (a) of the Independent Offices Appropriation Act, he having served over 30 years and the station at which he was serving being closed. He was born at Lancaster, Wisc., on September 10, 1870. Mr. Cover was appointed as assistant observer on April 12, 1892, and served as assistant at Boston, New York, Milwaukee, and Duluth, and as official in charge at Hannibal and Tacoma, serving at the latter station since July 30, 1903. Before entering the Weather Bureau Mr. Cover was employed in the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Entomology of the Department of Agriculture.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, August 1933]

Prof. Henry J. Cox, district forecaster at Chicago for 31 years, died January 7, 1930.

Professor Cox was born at Newton, Mass., on April 5, 1863. In 1884 he was graduated from Harvard University, and on August 1, of the same year, entered the Signal Service. After the usual training at Fort Myer and short assignments at Chicago and Boston, he opened the station at Northfield and had charge thereof until 1888, when he was transferred to New Haven, in charge. In 1894 he was transferred to Chicago as assistant to the forecaster, and, on creation of the North Central Forecast District, in 1898, was placed in charge.

In addition to the Harvard A.B., Professor Cox had the degrees of A.M. and Sc. D., received from Norwich University in 1887 and 1914 respectively. He was past president of the Geographic Society of Chicago.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, January 1930]

Mr. William C. Cox
scientific aid in the Synoptic Reports and Forecasts Division, retired at the termination of January 31, 1945. He was born at Columbus, Ind., on January 29, 1875, and entered the Weather Bureau on August 16, 1923, as clerk. His entire service was at the Central Office, his designation being change to Scientific Aid in 1925.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, February 1945]

Mrs. Lydia M. Crabbs, junior laborer (charwoman), at the Central Office, was retired at the termination of June 30, 1935. She was born in Frederick County, Md., on June 11, 1870, and was employed as charwoman at the Central Office from May 1, 1906, to the date of her retirement.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, June 1935]

Mr. John Craig,
who was retired in February, 1928, after a period of more than 54 years of service in the Weather Bureau, died April 2, 1932, at Seattle, Wash., probably as a result of being struck by an automobile about three weeks before. A notice of retirement and outline of service may be found in TOPICS AND PERSONNEL for February, 1928.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, March 1932]

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