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Mr. Henry Alciatore has been retired, effective February 11, 1922, on account of total disability. Mr. Alciatore was born December 28, 1866, at New Orleans. He enlisted in the Signal Corps December 1, 1886, served principally at southern and western stations, being at New Orleans from 1898 to 1906; and thereafter was in charge successively at Little Rock until 1944, Reno at 1917, and San Diego until retired. -- July 1922

Mr. Henry F. Alciatore, who was retired from the Weather Bureau on February 10, 1922, on account of total disability , died at the home of his sister in New Orleans on February 2, 1923. -- February 1923

Mr. George W. Alexander
, of the Seattle, Wash., station, died August 30, 1930. Mr. Alexander was born January 5, 1884, at St. Helena, Calif. After service in the Army and the Bureau of Posts, P.I., he entered the Weather Bureau at San Francisco, Calif., on March 24, 1921, from which station he was transferred to Seattle during July, 1924, for special duty in connection with fire-weather warning service. Mr. Alexander was given special assignments on fruit-frost work in California and Washington at intervals from 1922 to 1926 inclusive.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, August 1930]

Mr. William H. Alexander, official in charge of the Columbus, Ohio, station, was retired at the termination of January 31, 1937. He was born in Hunt County, Tex., on January 10, 1867. Mr. Alexander entered the Weather Bureau service on July 20, 1898, serving as assistant at Galveston until March 31, 1899, when he was placed in charge of Basseterre, St. Kitts, West Indies ,remaining there until April 10, 1901. On this date he was transferred to San Juan, P.R., and later to Galveston, where he served as assistant until March 10, 1905. In March 1905 he was made official in charge at Taylor (Tex.), and subsequently served in that capacity at Burlington, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Columbus respectively. He remained in charge of the last-named station for 21 years, from February 4, 1916, to the time of retirement. In addition to administrative Weather duties, Mr. Alexander has made numerous contributions to meteorology and climatology, including a comprehensive work entitled "A Climatological History of Ohio", published by the Engineering Department of Ohio State University. He also held membership in many scientific organizations, and is past president and now secretary of the Ohio Academy of Science.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, January 1937]

George Allen - Born December 22, 1846, at Cumberland, Md.; served in Signal Corps January 20, 1872, to January 20, 1877; reenlisted March 17, 1881; appointed civilian lithographer March 17, 1891; transferred to Weather Bureau July 1, 1891, since which time he has served continuously at Central Office in Printing Division. [Retirement announcement.] -- July 1920

Mr. George Allen, who retired from the Weather Bureau on August 20, 1920, died in this city on March 20, 1922. Mr. Allen served many years at the Central Office, having entered the signal Corps on January 20, 1872. A further reference to his service may be found in Topics and Personnel for July, 1920. -- March 1922

Information has been received from the Official in Charge of the Louisville Airport Station to the effect that Edward W. Alvey, Jr.'s next of kin had been notified by the Navy Department of his death on July 30, 1945. Mr. Alvey was born on September 3, 1924, at Lousville, Ky. He entered the Weather Bureau on June 9, 1942, as an emergency assistant and on October 1, 1942, was assigned as a junior observer at the Louisville Airport Station. He enlisted and was inducted into the Navy on December 16, 1942.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, October 1946, p.73]

Mr. Harry L. Amer, clerk, died suddenly on September 16, 1918, at Washington, D.C. Mr. Amer was appointed November 1, 1906, and for many years was employed in the drafting room of the Central Office. He was in ill health for more than a year prior to his death. -- September 1918

Mr. Robert L. Anderson died at Kansas City, Mo., on March 21, 1933. He was born December 29, 1864, near Beardstown, Ill. Mr. Anderson entered the Weather Bureau as messenger at Hannibal, Mo., on March 11, 1893. On May 20, 1895, he was appointed observer and remained at Hannibal until April 11, 1902, when he was transferred to Kansas City, Mo., serving there as assistant until his death.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, March 1933]

Mr. John H. Armington, was retired at the termination of December 31, 1943 after more than 41 years of service. He was born in Leesburg, Ind., on December 10, 1873. He was appointed to the Weather Bureau as observer on June 10, 1902 at the Chicago station. On July 16, 1914 Mr. Armington was assigned to Indianapolis at which station he remained as official in charge to the time of his retirement.

Mr. Albert Ashenberger, formerly official in charge at Mobile, who has been on leave without pay since noon of April 27, 1931, has been retired effective with the termination of April 30, 1931, on account of illness. Mr. Ashenberger was born at Brownsville, Tex., on March 8, 1868. He entered the Signal Corps as assistant at Mobile on November 8, 1889, where he remained for about four months; thereafter he served for short periods as assistant at Nashville, Hatteras, Jacksonville, Galveston, Phoenix, Richmond, and Portland, Oreg., and as official in charge at Hatteras, Yuma, and Elkins until October, 1903, when he was assigned to Mobile as official in charge.

Mr. Albert Ashenberger, who was retired April 30, 1931, died on the night of January 28, 1937, at Mobile, Ala. A notice of his retirement and a brief outline of his service will be found in Topics and Personnel of January 1932.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, January 1932]
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, January 1937]

Mr. Charles D. Asher , of the Independence, Calif., station, died in San Francisco on October 26, 1924. Mr. Asher was April 18, 1884, at Dresden, Tenn. He entered the Weather Bureau on August 3, 1911; served at San Francisco and Honolulu until 1915; and thereafter was in charge successively at Modena, Tonopah, Tatoosh Island, and Independence.
[Weather Bureau Topics and Personnel, October 1924]

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