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Stories and tales of the weather service

The stories and tales that are included in this section of NOAA History begin at the time of the formation of a national weather service as part of the Signal Corps. These tales include: personal accounts of lives in the Weather Service, war tales, stories of experiences in violent weather phenomena, technological tales, and an account of NOAA in the space age. Come and share the experiences of those who observed, recorded, and predicted our weather; helped us decide when to plant our crops; and maybe even saved our lives or the lives of our ancestors on the occasions of extreme weather. These stories and tales are part of the heritage of the National Weather Service.
storm tales
picture showing galveston hurricane damage
Storm Tales
Join us as we tell tales of some of the most powerful of meteorological phenomena and the men and women who observe and study them.
technology tales
early radar image
Technology Tales
This section highlights the story of improved communication with the public and, in particular, vastly improved warning capabilities of the National Weather Service that evolved over time.
personal tales
picture of cleveland abbe
Personal Tales
Join us for the personal accounts of some of the pioneers of the Weather Service, individuals who laid the foundation of the National Weather Service of today.

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