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Visit NOAA's Photo Library and view hundreds of images and photos about the early history of fisheries in the United States and contemporary fisheries.

* Historic Fisheries Album

* Fisheries Album

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NE Fisheries Science Center Historic Photo Library

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The National Marine Fisheries Service dates from 1871. It is America's oldestspencer baird conservation agency being formed specifically "for the Protection and Preservation of the Food Fishes of the Coast of the United States." Under the guidance of Spencer Fullerton Baird, first head of the Commission of Fish and Fisheries, the new agency began the study of factors affecting the fisheries of the United States including ecology,habitat, physical oceanography, and the myriad other factors that affect the marine environment. Fisheries ships have plied the waters of our coasts as well as the deep sea , studied the fisheries of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, and protected many of the marine fish and mammals that make up our living marine resources. The laboratories of the National Marine Fisheries service have been dedicated to understanding the science of these resources, understanding the complex relationships between marine animals and their environment, and helping understand the inter-relationships of man and the marine enviroment. This is the legacy of the people, ships, and laboratories that have worked to understand and conserve our living marine resources.
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Spencer Baird's Legacy

History of NOAA's Fisheries from its beginnings thru the present era.
(NOAA NE Fisheries Science Center, Woods Hole)

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A Century of Conservation
On February 9, 1871, President Grant signed a bill recognizing a national interest in fisheries conservation by creating the independent Office of Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries, also sometimes known as the Fish Commission - the roots of today's NOAA's Marine Fisheries.
(NOAA NE Fisheries Science Center, Woods Hole)

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The Story of the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Biological Laboratory Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Settled in the mid-17th century, Woods Hole grew from a quiet little harbor town to become major hub of scientific fisheries research.

galveston lab building

History of the National Marine Fisheries Service at Fort Crockett, Galveston, Texas

History of Fort Crockett from the late 1890's through the beginnings of fishery research use in the 1950s.
(NOAA Fisheries Galveston Laboratory)
First Beaufort Lab

History of the Federal Fisheries Laboratory at Beaufort, North Carolina
Originally a field station in the mid-1800s for persons interested in marine biology, it wasn't until 1899 that a fisheries laboratory was established.
(NOAA Fisheries Beaufort Laboratory)

Publication of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA Central Library.

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