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These citations and letters of commendation
commemorate the work of the Coast and Geodetic Survey during the critical years of the Second World War. During World War II Coast and Geodetic Survey Officers served in all branches of the Armed Services. In particular, they provided invaluable service as Army and Marine artillery surveyors, as hydrographers and surveyors for the Navy and Army amphibious units, and as reconnaissance officers in the development of air routes and aeronautical charts for the Army Air Forces. In these duties, they often worked in advance of the front lines. For those that stayed at home, they helped produce millions of maps and charts for Allied forces and were a major factor in putting ordnance on target and moving men and material.

picture of glendon boothe Glendon E. Boothe picture not available banner Robert A. Marshall
picture of fair bryant Fair J. Bryant picture not available banner William Noble Martin
picture of john c. bull John C. Bull picture not available banner Edward R. McCarthy
picture of clarence burmister Clarence A. Burmister picture of jeremiah morton Jeremiah S. Morton
picture not available banner Charles F. Chenworth picture of francis popper Francis X. Popper
picture of horace conerly Horace Guy Conerly picture of norman porter Norman Porter
picture of william f. deane William F. Deane picture not available banner Fred Anderson Riddell
picture of earle deily Earle A. Deily picture william russell William C. Russell
picture of philip doran Philip C. Doran picture not available banner Ira Taylor Sanders
picture of robert earle Robert A. Earle picture of william scaife William McCaslan Scaife
picture of harry garber Harry F. Garber picture of charles schanck Charles Armstrong Schanck
picture of william gibson William Muriel Gibson picture of emmett sheridan Emmett Hugh Sheridan
picture of ross gilmore Ross A. Gilmore picture not available banner Riley J. Sipe
picture not available banner John A. Guthrie picture of alvin thorson Alvin C. Thorson
picture of albert hoskinson Albert J. Hoskinson picture of james tison James C. Tison
picture of junius jarman Junius Thomas Jarman picture of miller tonkel Miller J. Tonkel
picture of frank johnson Frank G. Johnson picture not available banner William R. Tucker
picture not available banner Dorland H. Konichek picture not available banner Daniel E. Whelan, Jr.
picture of ector latham Ector B. Latham david whipp David M. Whipp
picture not available banner Ernest B. Lewey picture of ralph woodworth Ralph Woglom Woodworth
picture of joseph lushene Joseph P. Lushene    

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Last Updated: June 8, 2006 9:24 AM

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