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Citation for Legion of Merit

WILLIAM C. RUSSELL, K-100016, Lieutenant Colonel, (then Major), United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, 15th Field Artillery Observation Battalion, for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services in Italy from 3 February to 22 May 1944. Lieutenant Colonel Russell demonstrated outstanding technical and administrative ability in establishing and extending the topographic survey control of the Anzio-Nettuno beachhead. Although this work william russell was planned and conducted under the hazards of continuous enemy shelling and bombing, the result was so accurate and comprehensive that after completion of the initial beachhead locations, the Army Topographic Engineers correcting the control by a coast line triangulation, found corrections to artillery positions unnecessary. Concurrently with this survey development, Lieutenant Colonel Russell conducted survey schools for the survey sections of the 35th Antiaircraft Artillery Brigade. These excellently prepared and interestingly presented courses greatly assisted the brigade in the use of antiaircraft guns for field artillery or terrestrial firing. His unselfish devotion to duty, knowledge of survey, and the ability to overcome apparently insurmountable obstacles was a material factor in the precise accuracy of the beachhead artillery. Entered service from Everett, Massachusetts.

No. 2267


Humbert of Savoy, Prince of Piedmont, Lieutenant General of the Realm, by His Decree under date of September 15, 1945, in view of Royal Decree No. 1423 of November 1932 and successive modifications; upon the suggestion of the Secretary of the State of War, has conferred, on his own motion, the


upon Lieutenant Colonel William C. Russell.

In the Italian Campaign he distinguished himself by valor and a splendid spirit of self-sacrifice.
The Secretary of State for War therefore issues the present document as proof of the honorific insignia conferred.

Rome, October 5, 1945.


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