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Citation for Legion of Merit

The following citation is a copy of that appearing in THE BUZZARD, Volume XIII, July 26, 1945.


Lt. Comdr. Ralph W. Woodworth, K100008, United States Coast and Geodetic Survey. For exceptionally meritorious conduct in thepicture of ralph woodworth performance of outstanding services from December 1942 to May 1944. Assigned to the First Photo Charting Squadron, Army Air Forces, Commander Woodworth was charged with the duty of establishing a network of astronomic control point positions for aeronautical charting of airways throughout the African Middle Eastern and China-Burma-India Theaters of Operation. Working in areas embracing desert, jungles, and mountains, traveling by all modes of conveyance and flying over wild and uninhabited country, in many cases exposed to enemy interception, he developed a new and previously untried system of air recovery of control positions which has been of invaluable assistance to the Army Air Forces mapping and charting projects. The skill and tact displayed by him in establishing and maintaining diplomatic relations with those foreign countries whose territories were included within his activities were a large factor in the rapid accomplishment of his mission in the minimum required time.



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