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Medals - 1991 thru 1997

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Gold Medal

• Francis J. Balint, NOAA Automation Division, Procurement for Supercomputers at NMC, GFDL, and NIST

• Thomas A. Campbell, NOAA General Counsel, Settle Negotiations on EXXON VALDEZ Oil Spill

• Dr. Vernon E. Derr, NOAA Associate Director for Science and Data, Atmospheric Physics and Environmental Data Management

Silver Medal

• James L. R. Fenix, Lloyd E. Irvin, Daniel S. Starosta, Roderick T. Bell, NWS Telecommunication Gateway Data Link Management Including Support for Air Weather Service during Desert Storm

• Jack A. Koeppen, NESDIS Environmental Satellite Programs

• Hugh B. Milburn, OAR Ocean Observation Systems

• Richard R. Reynolds, Wendell A. Cook, Vickie L. Nadolski, Thomas G. Newman, Barbara A. Remer, Thomas D. Genovese, NWS Automated Service Observing System (ASOS)


Gold Medal

• Henry R. Beasley, NMFS Led Effort to End Foreign Large-Scale Drift Net Fishing on the High Seas

• Dr. William W. Fox, NMFS Assistant Administrator

• James R. Lucas, NOS

• National Geodetic Survey Photogrammetric Use of GPS

• John H. Robinson, William R. Pendergrass, Robert C. Clark, Captain Richard B. Permenter, Dr. Bruce B. Hicks, NOAA Effort to Study Environmental Effects of Persian Gulf War

• Steve E. Short, NWS Modernization ASOS

• Dr. Larry L. Stowe, NESDIS Monitoring and Interpretation of Aerosol Spread Following Eruption of Mount Pinatubo

Silver Medal

• Akapo K. Akapo, Leloyd M. P. Acosta, Joe M. Fiaui, Laauli T. Ifopo, Emani Lelafu, Tanielu Sonoma, David C. Nardini, NWS Performance during Passage of Tropical Storm Val over American Samoa

• Arthur L. Booth, James T. Bailey, NESDIS SARSAT Operations

• Commander Francesca M. Cava, Robert M. Reynolds, NOAA Efforts to Garner Support of International Community for Environmental Studies of Persian Gulf Following Desert Storm

• Gary P. Ellrod, NWS Clear Air Turbulence Model for Use by National Meteorological Center

• Henry R. Frey, Gerald F. Appell, Thomas D. Bethem, NOS Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography Branch PORTS

• James M. Meehan, NMFS Produced "Our Living Oceans"

• NOAA Ship MT. MITCHELL, Cruise to Persian Gulf to Study Environmental Effects of Gulf War

• NWS Forecast Office, Norman, Oklahoma, First to Use NEXRAD and Provided Guidance for AWIPS

• Robert Pavia, Sharon K. Christopherson, Lawrence Jay Field, Jerry A. Galt, Alan J. Mearns, Debra L. Payton, NOS Hazardous Materials and Response and Assessment Division

• Chester E. Ropelewski, Gerald D. Bell, Anthony G. Barnston, Peggie L. Davis, John D. Kopman, Vernon E. Kousky, OAR ENSO Monitoring and Prediction

• Jack B. Snider, NESDIS Satellite Operations Steerable Microwave Radiometer

• Captain William L. Stubblefield, Charles Kearse, Office of NOAA Corps Operations, Fleet Modernization

• Dr. Jerald Dan Tarpley, NESDIS Land Sciences Branch Vegetative Index


Gold Medal

• Dr. Daniel L. Allbritton, OAR Aeronomy Laboratory, Led Efforts to Negotiate Montreal Protocol Limiting Ozone Depletion

• Russell B. Chadwick, Margot H. Ackley, David Edward Small, Donald W. Beran, NWS Wind Profiler Demonstration Network

• Dr. Nancy Foster, NMFS Deputy Assistant Administrator

• Dr. Arnold Gruber, Program Manager Operational Measurements Element for Climate and Global Change

• Dr. Yoshio Kurihara, OAR Dynamics of Tropical Storms

• Dr. Alexander E. MacDonald, OAR, Director of Forecast Systems Laboratory

• NWS, National Meteorological Center Operations Division and Development Division, Forecast of 1993 Blizzard

• NWS Forecast Office, Honolulu, Hawaii, Extraordinary Service during Hurricane Iniki

• Lieutenant Commander Steve Stringfellow, Public Health Service, George A. Ringstad, and Lieutenant (j.g.) Timothy Trembley, Office of NOAA Corps Operations, Pacific Marine Center, for Saving a Diver Trapped under a Vessel in Lake Union, Washington

• The National Weather Service, Extraordinary Service to the Nation during Midwest Flooding of 1993

• Dr. Usha S. Varanasi, NMFS Environmental Conservation Division, Fate and Effects of Petroleum Hydrocarbons on Marine Fauna

Silver Medal

• James C. Dixon, Stephen A. DeKrone, Richard D. James, Bradford S. Wynn, Richard F. Edwing, NOS Global Sea Level Monitoring Station in Antarctic Environment

• Keith W. Dixon, Ronald C. Pacanowski, Anthony J. Rosati, OAR Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Modular Ocean Model

• NESDIS Ground Systems Division, Installation of New Data Acquisition and Control Systems

• Dr. Lloyd C. Huff, NOS High Speed, High Resolution Sidescan Sonar

• Lawrence J. Krudwig, NWS Radio and Communications

• Sydney Levitus, NESDIS NODC, Led International Effort to Collect and Analyze Historical Oceanographic

• Data Thomas R. Loughlin, Richard L. Merrick, NMFS Protection and Recovery of Steller Sea Lions

• Donna Marie Marino, Paul P. Pegnato, Adrienne A. Davis, Darrell G. Mottley, Charlotte B. Logan, ADM Consolidation of NOAA Headquarters at Silver Spring, Maryland

• Dr. Wolfgang Paul Menzel, NESDIS Wind Measurements from Meteosat NMFS Driftnet Research Program

• NWS Systems Operations Center, Upgrade and Relocation of Telecommunication Gateway

• Dr. David F. Parrish, Dr. John C. Derber, NWS Spectral Statistical Interpolation Method for Forecast Guidance

• Carven A. Scott, David M. Henry, Kraig B. Gilkey, Carl F. Dierking, Paul E. Shannon, NWS Computer Network for Processing Meteorological Data


Gold Medal

Lieutenant Mark P. Ablondi, Office of NOAA Corps Operations, Lifesaving and Heroism

• Gary K. Davis, NESDIS GOES - 8 Launch and Operations

• Lieutenant Commander Warren T. Dewhurst, NOS Geophysical Technology Transfer Initiative

• Dr. Christopher G. Fox, OAR PMEL Ocean Monitoring by Navy Undersea Acoustic System

Lieutenant Commander Judeth L. Layne, Public Health Service, Mathew N. Ofthus, Jon M. Knox, Lisa K. Glover, Office of NOAA Corps Operations, Heroism and Lifesaving


Silver Medal

• W. John Hussey, NESDIS GOES and Polar Satellite Contributions as Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator

• Herbert W. Kaufman, NMFS Marine Mammal Interim Exemption Program

• Dr. Robert A. Maddox, OAR, Director National Severe Storms Laboratory, Advances in Weather Radar Technology Including Commissioning of First NEXRAD System

• Dennis H. McCarthy, NWS, Norman, Oklahoma, Led Use of First NEXRAD System

• Susan J. McLean, Carla J. Moore, David M. Anderson, Eric A. Kihn, Marcus O. Ertle, NESDIS NGDC, Led Pioneering Efforts to Make NGDC Data Available Over the Internet

• NESDIS GOES I-M Ground Systems and Science Implementation Team

• Selina M. Nauman, NWS Ice Analysis and Forecasting for Chesapeake Bay in Winter 1994

• Dr. Ralph A. Petersen, NWS, Implementation of PC-GRIDDS for Analyzing Meteorological Data on a Personal Computer

• Dr. Akkihebbal R. Ravishankara, OAR Aeronomy Laboratory, Relationship of Ozone Hole to CFC's

• Dr. Hsing Hua Shih, James J. Sprenke, Jerald M. Peterson, Thomas N. Mero, NOS, Development of Portable Digital Water-Level Measurement System

Commander Lawrence F. Simoneaux and Lieutenant Commander James M. Herkelrath, NOAA Corps, Lieutenant Commander Steve C. Stringfellow, Public Health Service, Lifesaving

• Dr. George F. Smith, Donna I. Page, NWS, Development of Interactive Forecast Program

• Thomas L. Thompson, Richard H. Winkler, OAR Aeronomy Laboratory, Engineering Role in Airborne Studies of Stratospheric Ozone Depletion over Polar Regions

• Gregory W. Withee, Earl L. Heacock, Bruce H. Needham, Gregory A. Mandt, Robert O. Masters, NOAA Convergence Team Studying Feasibility of Converging NOAA POES Satellites with DOD DMSP Satellites


Gold Medal

• Dr. Lawrence B. Dunn, Graham E. Stork, NWS Lifesaving

• Dr. Fred C. Fehsenfeld, OAR Aeronomy Laboratory, Research into Chemistry of the Troposphere and Ozone in the Lower Atmosphere

• National Severe Storms Laboratory, OAR, Research Leading to the Implementation of NEXRAD

• Thomas N. Pyke, Director Office of High Performance Computing and Communications, Startup of Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program

• Lance R. Simmens, Bruce C. Morehead, Stephen Paul Freese, Paul M. Matyskiela, NMFS and Department of Commerce Team to Help Communities Affected by Collapse of Regional Fisheries

• Dr. Walter H. F. Smith, NESDIS, Development of Method to Integrate Satellite Altimetry Data with Ship Bathymetry to Produce Improved Bathymetric Map of Southern Ocean

• Robert S. Winokur, Bruce H. Needham, Captain David W. Yeager, NESDIS an Integrated Program Office, Established National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System

Silver Medal

• Dr. James K. Angell, OAR Air Resources Laboratory, Research in Global Climate Change

• Dr. Chandrakant M. Bhumralkar, OAR, Director National Sea Grant College Program

• Dr. Ramon J. Conser, NMFS, Advanced Field of Applied Fishery Stock Assessment

Dr. Jerry A. Galt, NOS, Lifesaving

• Dr. Ray E. Habermann, Allen M. Hittelman, NESDIS, NGDC, Access to Environmental Data on CD-ROM

• Sydney Levitus, Timothy P. Boyer, Jeffrey P. Burney, Daphne R. Johnson, Dr. Margarita Conkright-Gregg, Dr. Linda Stathoplos, Jennifer Campbell, NODC, Production of World Ocean Atlas 1994

• A. James Miller, Craig S. Long, Richard C. Przywarty, Mary C. Newton, NWS, Development of Ultraviolet Index (UVI)

NOAA Ship FERREL, Office of NOAA Corps Operations, Lifesaving

• Captain William T. Turnbull, NESDIS, Director Environmental Information Service, Led Interagency Team that Developed the National Environmental Data Index

• Thomas M. Wrublewski, ADM Systems Acquisition Office, Acquisition of a Series of Polar Operational Environmental Satellites


Gold Medal

• Dr. David H. Attaway, OAR, Marine Biotechnology Program

• Dr. Jay Barlow, Dr. Douglas P. DeMaster, Barbara C. Taylor, Paul R. Wade, NMFS Marine Mammal Mortality Studies

• George M. Bell, Stephen D. Alfieri, Louis J. Jachimczyk, James A. Medeiros, Kevin G. Flanagan, J. Mitch MacDonald, Charles Race Juliand, Kevin R. Sullivan, Joan M. Barry, NMFS Law Enforcement, Prosecution of Largest Domestic Fisheries Fraud and Illegal Harvesting Case in U. S. History

• Dr. Gary C. Matlock, George H. Darcy, NMFS Reform of Federal Regulatory System Relative to Living Marine Resources

• National Weather Service Eastern Region, Forecasting of Blizzard of January 1996

NOAA TWA Flight 800 Disaster Response Team: NOAA Ship RUDE, Office of NOAA Corps Operations, Hydrographic Surveys Division, NOS Robert E. Tuleya, Morris A. Bender, OAR Stephen J. Lord, NWS Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Hurricane Prediction Model

• Helen M. Wood, NESDIS, Developed International and Intra-governmental Channels for Accessing Non-NOAA Satellite Data and Information

Silver Medal

• Dr. Dennis D. Baldocchi, OAR, Studies of Biological Processes as Related to Climatic Variables

• Rodney J. Becker, Richard P. Augulis, NWS Central Region, Creation and Implementation of Short-term Forecast

• Brenda K. Brock, Marty L. Whitmore, NWS , Forecasting Activities During Dangerous Chlorine Gas Spill Near Alberton, Montana -- Lifesaving

• Dr. David W. Fahey, OAR, Aeronomy Laboratory, Impact of Supersonic Aircraft Exhaust on Ozone Layer

• Patricia A. Kurkul, Ralph K. Mayo, Dr. Philip N. Logan, Teri L. Frady, NMFS, Gene S. Martin, Office of the Undersecretary, Groundfish Recovery Plan for New England Fish Stocks

• William B. O'Beirne, NOS, Texas Coastal Management Plan

• Joan E. Palmer, NMFS, Chief Data Management Division NWS Southeast River Forecast Center, Operations during Tropical Storm Alberto in 1974


Gold Medal

• Robert E. Cheney, John L. Lillibridge, NOS, Dr. Laurence L. Miller, Dr. C. K. Tai, NOS, Ming Ji, Dr. David Behringer, John M. Kuhn, NESDIS, Implemented Methods to Use Topex/Poseidon Satellite Data to Monitor and Predict El Nino Phenomena

• Dr. Eugenia Kalnay, Dr. Robert E. Kistler, John Janowiak, Dr. Masao Kanamitsu, Dr. Suranjana Saha, Dr. Glenn White, Dr. Muthuvel Chelliah, Dr. Kingtse Mo, Dr. Richard Reynolds, NWS, NCEP - Helped create the National Centers for Environmental Prediction/ National Center for Amospheric Research Global Atmospheric Model

• Dr. Michael J. McPhaden, Director TOGA-TAO Project for Observing the State of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean

• Stephen C. Springer, Linda R. Galvin, Brett M. Schneider, Scot Y. Yamashita, Frederick D. Kyle, NMFS, Paul A Ortiz, Office of General Counsel, Joann M. Nault, Walton B. Campbell, NOS, Intra-agency Development of a Satellite-based Vessel Monitoring System for Fisheries Enforcement Activities

• William W. Stelle, Jr., Garth R. Griffin, James H. Lecky, Laurie A. Weitkamp, Thomas C. Wainwright, Stephen L. Stone, R. Craig Wingert, Gregory J. Bryant, NMFS, Mary G. Holt, Michael H. Bancroft, Office of General Counsel, Use of Endangered Species Act to List West Coast Coastal Coho Salmon as Endangered

Silver Medal

• Dr. James H. Butler, Dr. James W. Elkins, Dr. Stephen A. Montzka, OAR, Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory, Showing Ozone Destroying Chemicals Declining in Atmosphere

• Helen E. Coffey, Eric A. Kihn, Daniel C. Wilkinson, Raymond O. Conkwright, Leslie D. Morris, NESDIS, National Geophysical Data Center, Implementation of Space Physics Interactive Data Resource System, (SPIDR)

• Howard J. Diamond, NWS, U. S. Implementation of WMO aviation weather reports and forecasts

• Dr. Margaret M. Krahn, NMFS, Innovative Methods to Measure Level of Contaminants in Living Marine Resources

• NWS Eastern North Dakota Office and North Central River Forecast Center, Provided Timely Warnings and Forecasts during the Red River Flood of 1997 Resulting in Saving of Life and Property

• NWS Ohio River Forecast Center and NEXRAD Weather Service Office, Eastern Region, Provided Timely Warnings and Forecasts during the Ohio River Flood of March, 1997, Resulting in Saving of Life and Property

• NWS Forecast Office, Southern Region, Provided Timely Warnings and Forecasts during the Severe Weather Outbreak in Arkansas, March 1, 1997

• Commander Frank M. Philippsborn, James D. DuGranrut, Alan S. Goldstein, Office of NOAA Corps Operations, Richard N. Bennett, Ellen M. Herrburger, Theodore J. Ulinski, Daniel G. Flanagan, Albert B. Spencer, Systems Acquisition Office, Naomi Surgi, NWS, Frank D. Marks, OAR, Procurement of Gulfstream IV High Altitude Aircraft for Hurricane Research

• Dr. Jeffrey J. Polovina, NMFS, Studies of Population Dynamics of Marine Resources

• Lieutenant Commander Frederick W. Rossmann, Bruce H. Barber, James B. Stricker, Calvin S. Hall, Bob J. Taylor, Office of NOAA Corps Operations, John M. Hotaling, John F. Walter, Tracy B. Moran, Systems Acquisition Office, Warren H. Keenan, Office of Global Programs, Stephen R. Piotrowicz, OAR, Acquisition of NOAA Ship RONALD H. BROWN.

• Charles H. Sprinkle, NWS, International Affairs Office, Implementation of World Area Forecast System and the Region IV Meteorological Telecommunications Network

• Robin Lee Tuttle, NMFS, Foreign Affairs, Substantial Contributions to the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

• Gary Woodall, NWS, Development of Severe Weather Spotter and Training Materials

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