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Individuals that gave their lives for their country during World War II.

December 24, 1941 - Killed as result of enemy bombing raid on Coast and
Geodetic Survey facilities in Manila, Philippine Islands.

Commander George D. Cowie

July 16, 1943 - Lost in the crash of Coast Guard PBY 5(08055) V-189 on
Mount Moffat, Adak, while conducting war-related photogrammetric
operations in the Aleutian Islands.

Ray B. Elliott, Photographer USC&GS
Lieutenant (j.g.) Joseph A. Sosbee,

August 1943 - [Note unclear from reference whether 1943 or 1944.]
Killed in action died a hero’s death on a bombing mission over
Austria. A holder of the Purple Heart, Distinguished Flying Cross, and
other decorations, volunteered to continue his missions after he had
finished his share of 55. He was killed on one of his first operations
after he volunteered for more.

John Ronsheim, Army Air Forces
Artist, Reproduction Division

November 11, 1944 - Killed in action in France.

Private Lawrence F. Mater, United States Army
Formerly Draftsman in USC&GS

January 9, 1945 - Killed as result of Allied Bombing of Takao Harbor,
Formosa, of the prisoner-of-war “hell ship” ENOURA MARU.

Lt. (j.g.) Joseph W. Stirni, USC&GS

February 12, 1945 - Killed in action on Luzon.

Private Philip A. McAdam, United States Army
Formerly Junior Cartographic Engineer of Air Photo Section

April 1945
- Missing in action, presumed killed.

Ensign Ernest A. Nicholson, United States Navy
Formerly lithographer in USC&GS

1945 - Missing in action in Germany, presumed killed.

Paratrooper Henry Haughton, United States Army
Formerly of the Photo Section, USC&GS

1941-1945 - Killed in action or died as result of wounds received in
action. No other information available on these individuals.

Henry F. Bain, formerly USC&GS
Robert E. Barger,
formerly USC&GS
William Bolsaver,
formerly USC&GS
Levin R. Brown,
formerly USC&GS
Ray B. Elliott,
formerly USC&GS
Calvin Farney,
formerly USC&GS
Ormand E. May,
formerly USC&GS
Charles H. Rodgers, Jr.,
formerly USC&GS

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