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Individuals that have died in the service of our Nation while associated with NOAA and its ancestor organizations during the years 1938 through 1945.

May 28, 1938 - Drowned as result of survey boat striking on a previously unknown reef now known as Rudisell Reef, Alaska.

Maurice G. Rudisell, Fireman
Karl Mueller, Coxswain

November 1, 1939 - Lost by falling from 103-foot steel triangulation tower while tending light for a geodetic triangulation party at Cape Henry, Virginia.

Lightkeeper John F. Luckett

June 1942 - Lost as result of an accident while erecting a Bilby Tower
for geodetic surveys near Burlington, Washington

Cartelle Cooper, Steel Tower Building Hand

June 29, 1947
- Lost by float plane crash at Summit Island, Bristol Bay
area, Alaska, while conducting triangulation reconnaissance for the
geodetic field party of William Husemeyer.

J. C. Stephens, photogrammetrist

August 27, 1952
Lost at sea on the Arctic coast in a small skiff.

Robert G. Grenell, USC&GS Arctic Field Party
Frank C. Kay,
USC&GS Arctic Field Party
Geoffrey P. Roberts,
USC&GS Arctic Field Party

June 11, 1953
- Died as result of plane crash while conducting
reconnaissance for triangulation work in central Alaska in Stoney Creek
area of Mt. McKinley National Park.

Lt. (j.g.) Gordon D. Scott, USC &GS

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