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picture of a life preserverIn the course of day to day operations Weather Bureau personnel and NOAA ship operators often take actions or make decisions that save significant numbers of people from serious injury or even death. They have also helped protect significant amounts of personal and public property from destruction or damage. Tornado warnings, hurricane warnings, flood warnings, and severe winter weather warnings have been issued from virtually every Weather Service Office in our land. Often these warnings have been issued while the forecasters themselves have been threatened by the severe weather. NOAA ships and ships of the old Coast Survey and Bureau of Commercial Fisheries have rescued mariners in distress, towed disabled vessels to safe havens, fought fires on private vessels, and even helped douse the flames threatening whole towns on at least three occasions. NOAA field crews have sent personnel and equipment to assist in flood-ravaged areas.

arrow Lifesaving and the Protection of Property -
Coast and Geodetic Survey 1845-1937

arrow Commerce Medals for Lifesaving and Protection of Property -
National Weather Service 1955 - 2000
arrow Commerce Medals for Lifesaving and Protection of Property -
Other NOAA Agencies 1955 - 2000

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