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Letter of Commendation

As published in General Orders No. 12,
Headquarters 2d Engineer Special Brigade,
6 December 1943

Major ECTOR B. LATHAM, K-100025, 532nd Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment, is commended for his outstanding services during the development of the Finschhafen, New Guinea area from 22 September 1943 to 15 November 1943. At night and under adverse weather conditions, Major ector lathamLatham piloted Naval and Brigade craft through uncharted and dangerous waters without mishap. He personally navigated the majority of early resupply missions from Lae to Scarlet Beach and Finsch Harbor. He displayed rare courage and coolness under enemy fire, always being an example to the officers and men under his command. In addition, Major Latham has prepared detailed hydrographic surveys of Kedam Point, Scarlet and Godowa Beaches. From these surveys he has charted and prepared sailing directions for Finsch Harbor, Langemak Bay, Schneider and Dreger Harbors.


Citation for Purple Heart

Ector B. Latham was awarded a Purple Heart for severe concussion of the ears as a result of action during a clandestine hydrographic survey of Sek Harbor, Alexshafen, New Guinea on the night of 3 March 1944. A copy of the citation is not available.

Publication of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA Central Library.
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