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Sully B. Maize, senior cartographic engineer in the nautical chart section, retired from active duty March 31, 1940, after 42 years of service. Born at Carlisle, Pa., March 19, 1870, the son of an Army officer, his early career was a roving one, for he received his education in no less than six different cities, culminating in Oxford, Ohio, at Miami University. Prior to his appointment in the Coast and Geodetic Survey, he served for 5 years as draftsman in the Office of the Supervising Architect of the Treasury, making his total public service close to the half-century mark.

He spent all his years in the Bureau in the Division Charts, compiling many of the more difficult charts of our coasts. His discriminating judgment, together with his thoroughness and accuracy, has made him one of the most valued cartographers in that work, and the loss of his services will be felt keenly.

Mr. Maize was an all-round athlete during his earlier years, and was active in basketball, bicycling, rowing, and motorboating. He is today in the forefront in bowling and golf and an active enthusiast of ice skating. He is the recipient of a gold medal from the Potomac Boat Club for helping win an eight-oared shell race in Philadelphia against New York and Philadelphia crews.

His associates in the Bureau wish him many years of enjoyment in his retirement, and the members of the bowling and golf leagues hope to benefit by his continued activities in these sports.

In: C&GS Bulletin, March 31, 1940. P. 10.

Sully B. Maize
The Grand Young Man of the C&GS

One of the “youngest” and most popular men in our Bureau is Sully B. Maize who celebrated his 75th birthday on Monday, March 19th, by cutting a cake donated by the “gang.”

Mr. Maize, whose youthful appearance certainly belies his age, entered our Surve on July 20, 1998, after five years with the Supervising Architect of the Treasury where he had done a great deal of the architectural work in designing the old Post Office Bldg. at 11th & 12th & Penn. His 47 years’ service as cartographer with the Bureau was only broken for a 2-year gap, when he retired in 1940 and was called back in 1942 because of the war emergency.

Mr. Maize early distinguished himself in athletics and when he came to the Bureau was one of the City’s outstanding athletes, playing baseball, basketball and bicycling on teams representing the old Columbia Athletic Club, the club in Washington in those days. He was also a member of the Potomac Boat Club and rowed in their 8-oared shell, receiving a gold medal, the “8” a winner over crews from New York and Philadelphia.

In addition, he also excelled in canoeing and ice-skating, and we are told that of all the many prizes he won during his career, the prize he won in canoeing is his most cherished, as it was in a canoe the he wooed and won Mrs. Maize.

Later he took up bowling and golf and if anyone doubts his ability in those sports let him look at his records. He has been an active member of the Bureau’s Bowling League and his average today of 99, with a high game of 137 during the last series, makes him a valuable member of the Charts Team. His score of 90 for 18 holes of golf is something many a younger man would like to have.

The BUZZARD joins with all of Mr. Maize’s many friends in wishing him the happiest of birthdays and that he continue his excellent record in all fields he tackles.

In: “The Buzzard,” Vol. XIII, No. 12, pp. 3-4. March 22, 1945.

Publication of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA Central Library.

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