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We deeply regret to announce the death of Raymond L. Ross, retired Senior Cartographic Engineer of the Survey on April 22, 1947, at Maryland General Hospital, Baltimore, after a short illness.

Mr. Ross was born on April 6, 1880, at Cattaraugus, N.Y., and received his education at the Graduate Teachers Normal College, Mansfield, Pa., and George Washington University. From 1909 to June 1927 he was cartographer with the International Boundary Commission, United and Canada, and Alaska and Canada.

He entered the Coast and Geodetic Survey on July 1, 1927, as Chief of the Airway Mapping Section, and became Assistant Chief of the Aeronautical Chart Section in November 1935, which position he held until his retirement in May 1942. He was the author of various articles including “Mapping of the United States Airways” and “Maps for Aviators.”

Mr. Ross was an artist of distinction, and as member of the Washington Water Color Club, had exhibited his works at various times, winning prizes and honorable mention. Upon his retirement, he lived at his home in Fairhaven, Md., where he enjoyed many happy moments painting the landscape about him.

His kindly manner and modest unassuming ways won him many friends in the Bureau. He was an eager supporter of all Bureau activities and took an active interest in the various hobby shows and art exhibits that were held several years ago. Many will remember the lovely water colors that he exhibited.

Last year, Mr. and Mrs. Ross decided to spend the winter in Florida, remaining at St. Petersburg until December. While there Mr. Ross became ill, but on returning to Washington, his condition improved.

Mr. Ross is survived by his widow, Mrs. Sara W. Ross, his son, Rev. Edwin Allan Ross, and one daughter, Mrs. Thomas Orme, Jr.

In: “The Buzzard,” Vol. 15, No. 16, pp. 4-5. April 24, 1947.

Publication of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA Central Library.

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