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We are especially pleased to introduce our September Man of the Month, Harold E. MacEwen, one of the Coast Survey’s most versatile men, being a cartographic engineer, artist, cartoonist, able seaman, and autoist.

Mac was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., but moved to Schuylerville while just a small child. Here he attended public school and graduated from the Schuylerville High School as President of his class.

While in the lower elementary grades, it is told, a charming little Miss always insisted on being seated next to Mac and when questioned as to why she desired being seated in this place, answered that he drew her such pretty pictures.

This very definitely illustrated the early development of this fellow’s versatility, as he was able to draw pretty pictures for sweet little girl, keep alert enough not to be caught by teacher and master the intricate problems of the three R’s without batting an eye.

After serving in the 1st World War in the Engineer Corps under command of Capt. E.P. Ellis, formerly of this Bureau, Mac secured employment in the Coast Survey and was assigned to the Cartographic Section. To further his education he attended G.W. University and the Cochran Art School making possible the enviable reputation he has since achieved as a cartographic engineer, artist, cartoonist and a darned good fellow.

His outstanding achievements as a cartographic engineer are his system of double scale compiling and photographic reductions to desired scales; in art, the redesigning of the Dept. of Commerce Seal which has been adjudged far more beautiful and artistic than the original and will, undoubtedly, be officially adopted.

He contribute to the Patent Offices big celebration of its 150th anniversary for which he designed a most unique and artistic bottle, a replica of an original patent granted, the program for the banquet on this occasion and several other gadgets used during the celebration.

He is constantly sought by this bureau, Field Engineers Bulletin, and many other agencies to execute some work requiring high-class artistry and design and they are all performed with that same skill and willingness characteristic of the man.

As a cartoonist, his work on the Buzzard speaks for itself to say nothing of his skill in putting on his well known “chalk talks….”

The Buzzard saluted Mac as its Man of the Month and wishes him continued success in his many activities.

In: “The Buzzard,” Vol. IX, No. 36, p. 1,2,6. September 3, 1942.

Publication of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA Central Library.

Last Updated: June 8, 2006 9:24 AM

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