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Carl A. Ludy, Observer, Sitka Magnetic Observatory, drowned in a boat accident near Sitka, on the night of March ___, 1945.

Ludy, together with his wife and a lady friend, after having had dinner in a small cabin along the shore of Sitka Harbor, had gone in a skiff to gather clams on one of the islands in the harbor. In some manner the skiff overturned or was swamped and Mr. Ludy was drowned.

The two women managed to reach the shore of a nearby island and after a harrowing night were rescued the following morning and taken to the local hospital where they were treated for shock and exposure. Mr. Ludy’s body was later recovered on the far side of the same island. It is being taken to Tucson, Ariz., for interment.

Mr. Ludy had taken charge of the Sitka Observatory only last December, the assignment was a return to the place of his birth, his father having formerly had charge of the observatory. His father, Mr. A. K. Ludy, was Chief of the Section of Geomagnetism of the Division of Geomagnetism and Seismology in the Washington Office when he retired on December 331st; since that time he and Mrs. Ludy have been making their home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

In: “The Buzzard,” Vol. XII, No. 12, p. 2. March 22, 1945.

Publication of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA Central Library.

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