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On Dec. 1, 1943, another of the Bureau’s retired employees, Calvin W. Jones, passed away at his former home in Lake City, Iowa, after almost reaching the age of 70.

Mr. Jones was born on Jan. 9, 1874, at Panora, Ia., and came to Lake City, Ia., with his parents at the age of 9. After graduation from high school and the Capitol City Commercial College at Des Moines, he worked with the Waters Nursery Co. in Des Moines and later with the Utah Southern Railway at Salt Lake City. He entered the Coast and Geodetic Survey on Jan. 23, 1900, as a clerk in the Accounting Division, where he remained until his retirement on June 30, 1941.

… He was an ardent bowling fan and spent almost every moment away from his garden in perfecting his technique. In fact, one Saturday afternoon he bowled about 30 games in succession, just to keep in trim. He was one of the founders of the Bureau’s bowling league and Captain of the Accounts Team for many years.

Many amusing incidences are told about his reckless driving and on one occasion when he was taking a group out to his place, not only did he nearly scare them to death by his narrow escapes from collision, but he ran out gas, leaving them stranded while he scoured the neighborhood for a few quarts of the precious fluid.

Another time, while busily discussing last night’s bowling score in the cafeteria line-up, he grabbed a bowl of salad dressing and had nearly downed it all before he discovered that “soup didn’t taste just right.”

Many of the field force are familiar with Mr. Jones and his little notes regarding their accounts. In fact, one of them called him “Disallowance Jones” which title soon traveled far and wide because of his careful examination of their vouchers.

He was a grand admirer of Mr. Jim Griffin, the former chief of the Division accepting everything he said as law – which sometimes put quite a strain on Mr. Griffin’s humor.

After his retirement, Mr. Jones spent almost two years at his home in Virginia; then sold it and went to live with his brother in Lake City, Iowa, in September of this year.. He had been in ill health several years prior to his retirement but upon returning to Iowa, he seemed to improve. However, he became much worse on November 20, passing away on the 1st of December. He is survived by only one brother, John B. Jones of Lake City.

The Bureau extends its deepest sympathy to Mr. Jones and mourns the passing of another of its “old-timers.”

In: “The Buzzard,” Vol. X, No. 52, pp. 4-5. December 30, 1943.

Publication of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA Central Library.

Last Updated: June 8, 2006 9:24 AM

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