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Leland Perry Shidy
died on October 2, 1935, at Stockton, California, at the age of 84. He entered the Survey as a mathematician in the Tidal Division, and for 57 years, until his retirement in 1930, gave devoted service. During his time the scope of the tidal work of the Survey was greatly expanded, and in this work Mr. Shidy had a notable part, being Chief of the Division of Tides from 1897 to 1915. He developed various methods and appliances for the analysis of tides and was instrumental in extending the tide tables to cover the whole world. It was during his tenure of the office of Chief of Division the present tide-predicting machine was constructed and put into successful operation.

He was of a retiring and modest disposition, so that only those who came into daily contact with him recognized his kindly nature, upright character, and devotion to his work.

C&GS BULLETIN, 10/31/1935

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