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Word has just been received that Lieutenant J. W. Stirni of the Coast and Geodetic Survey was killed by air action in the Philippine Islands. Lieutenant Stirni was taken prisoner by the Japanese early in 1942, and had been held prisoner until December 1944, where the prisoners were evacuated by the Japanese for Japan.

Lieutenant Stirni was with the Bureau for 14 years, having worked in both the Coastal Survey and Geodesy, although much of his time was spent in the Field.

He is survived by his mother, Mrs. C. R. Stirni, his wife, Mrs. J. W. Stirni (who also was a prisoner of war until February 5th of this year, and was liberated by General McArthur) a brother, A. Richard Stirni now working in the Hydrographic Section of the Nautical Chart Branch.

THE BUZZARD, Vol. XIII, No. 31, 8/2/1945

Publication of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA Central Library.
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