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Mr. Gordon A. Stewart,
keeper of the archives, died after a prolonged illness November 19, 1883. Mr. Stewart was born in the town of Monroe, state of Ohio, April 18, 1833. He received a legal education, and had entered upon the practice of the law just before the beginning of the civil war. In April, 1861, he volunteered in an Ohio regiment, and rose rapidly to distinction, having reached the grade of lieutenant colonel not very long after his enlistment. Hardship and exposure in the field gradually undermined his health, and in 1864 compelled his retirement from the Army. His connection with the Coast and Geodetic Survey Office began in 1874 in the capacity of librarian; in 1875, he was transferred to the archives, where he remained till his death. His last years were passed in suffering from a disease, the seeds of which were sown during his service in the war.

Entered 8/95

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